The Queen Reagent

Welcome to a weird Wednesday where today we are looking at a twist of the list I brought to my qualifying match last week and presented yesterday. Tonight we look at an alternative list for me to take – adding another powerful Arch Reagent and a Terrorgheist for the mortal wound output.

The Queen Reagent


First off in traditional Warhammer style I have the list.

Now to explore the changes to Krak’s list let’s delve into it a bit.


Name: Lissandra Lipsnatcher

Unit: Abhorrent Arch Reagent

A contender for Krak Crowncracker’s claim to the throne Liss is a powerful and rare queen amongst her kind. Ferocious and brutal she commands the more terrifying legions of the court when the goes to war. Not one to share she finds herself in a strange position where she wants Krak to both fail and succeed. Krak faces down the most terrifying of entities without fear but his fearlessness makes him reckless. This both intrigues and repulses Liss as recklessness is how the previous Arch Reagent lost his head, and crown.

Never seen too far away from her second in command, Duke Will Wicksplitter, she detests the boisterous knights of the courts of fellow rulers. Because of this she rarely allows them in her presence, except for the most feral of them that swoop from the skies to skewer her enemies.

Liss isn’t like the other Flesh Eater Courts abhorrent rulers – she is aware of her delusion and see’s herself for what she truly is – and revels in the carnage, bloodshed and putrescent gluttony that it enables. This makes gives pause to all those who would oppose her as she appears as a feral beast amongst their midst and rarely looks like the benevolent rulers they see themselves to be.

Name: Duke Will Wicksplitter

Unit: Abhorrent Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist

One of the reasons for the armies that Liss commands not containing Knights is Duke Will Wicksplitter and his mount. In the eyes of the court his mount is something akin to a glorious resplendent phoenix, its died and came back to life immeasurable times before the courts eyes. The Terrorgheist however has a nasty habit of feasting on the biggest of the courts minions – the knights – and their boisterous nature calls to it like a cat to a mouse.

For this reason, amongst others, Liss and Will don’t allow foot knights to be in their presence when they ride to war as it proves more deadly for their forces than that of their enemy.

Now being different to the other list I removed the knights, they pose a meaty punching bag, anvil and occasional brutal hammer to counter my opponents infantry. However I find that my Crypt Ghouls pose enough of a threat that I don’t have to rely on the less numerous knights to fill this role.

However my list lacks mortal wounds and the terrorgheist has it in spades. Pared with the supporting buffs from the three other spell casters as well as its own ward it can be a shredder when it comes to chewing through enemy lines. Rerolling hits and wounds from the overlapped spells makes it a great candidate with the average damage beating that of the Krondspine Incarnate. The ability to make it a 3+ ignoring 1 point of rend (Finest day and Mystic shield) as well as a 5+ ward make it nearly as durable as the Krondspine and when paired with the Chalice the wounds it does take are likely to nearly vanish at the end of the turn.

Adding two more expensive heroes does create a problem though – I also drop my 30 man ghoul unit into a block of 20. But in my experience the full 30 ghouls were never all getting into combat any way – so this way I have a smaller footprint to manage and get the same number of attacks per ghoul in combat.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at a revised list that I will be testing out tomorrow night. I may swap around some of the spells (perhaps flaming weapon on Will and blood feast on Liss) but I will give it some thought tonight. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow as I hope to show off my army in its mostly painted glory and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe