Pocket of Shadow

Welcome to a dark little pocket of shadow where this Monday night we take a trip down the dark side. This week we are exploring not quite a horror D&D session but something that I want to portray the dark side of combat. The aim of this week is a final confrontation between the Lómipilu and the party, as well as potentially a rescue and a chance for some looting.

Pocket of Shadow


Darkness was the first sensation that the party felt when they walked through the portal that had literally ripped open. The bright light from the room that they came from seemed to force the portal open but even then the tendrils of darkness were trying to knit the wound closed. As they stepped in colour seemed to fade as well where only things immediately in front of their face held the slightest trace of what it used to be. The further they looked ahead the more coloured seemed to disappear until just ten feet way their vision failed. Even those with darkvision struggled to see in a place devoid of all light.

Lighting torches didn’t do much and only brought back the smallest flicker of colour and light in this world and even the warmth from the fire was taken away before it could push back the numbing feeling from their fingers.

“You must be very brave or very dumb to come into my lair. Your corpses will entertain my pets for days to come and your bones will be sewn into my walls” a voice mocked from behind them. Whirling around there was nothing there but the burst of light that was suddenly too bright. Turning around the party started to stride into the dark. The pocket of shadow was oppressive and the flickering light of the torch failed to push past fifteen feet and what it did touch summoned phantoms of nightmares from their darkest dreams.

“Run!” a voice said from somewhere in the dark. “Run from here!” the same voice called out. “Tell Takeo that the shadow gathers at obsidian peak!” a shriek of pain followed the warning and then silence.

Looking amongst each other the party pushed back fear as shapes in the murky shadow twisted into forms and voices from their past and present spoke to them from just outside the torchlight.

Thanks for coming to visit once again. Don’t forget that this week we wrap up the Shadows in the halls arc and push forward towards the last few adventures of the year. I will also post an update on the outcomes of the recent Warhammer tournament so don’t forget to come back for that too. Oh, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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