The Lómipilu

Tuesday night is here and with it brings another weekly NPC night. Now tonight I want to introduce you more to the Lómipilu. The creature is not always seen as vicious or violent but there are few who survive an encounter with them, they are after all demonic…

The Lómipilu


The creature stalked the maze like halls that it had constructed with but a thought the moment it created a rift to its lair. Melding and knitting shadow and reality together to create something of its own was childs play and these foolish mortals were stepping into a realm that they had no hope of contending with the power it had here.

But as the light flooded from the previous room and the tendrils of shadow struggled to knit the opening back together the Lómipilu felt a trickle of fear for the first time in centuries. Soon the creatures moved into the dark interior of the dimension it had created, a little pocket of shadow and the Lómipilu’s fear quickly began to disappear. Soon a plan began to form in the mind of the creature as he released its hands from the old man and summoned forth dense shackles that bound his mouth and limbs so he could not speak or move.

Stalking one of the many halls the creature climbed higher into the dimension it had created and watched a the party one by one drifted further apart from each other as the dimension they found themselves in constantly folded out before them forcing them to loop around until they were back in the starting room that they entered. The creature smiled and watched the creatures looked baffled at what had happened. In fact the creature was so amused by the wonderment of the adventurers that it giggled. It knew these halls better than any and that the only path forward as the least obvious, all others led to confusion and death.

The creature lay on its stomach and watched the adventurers move around and start discussing their predicament – each one of them not aware that those they were talking to were not what they seemed to be.

Thanks for drifting into my little rift of fun. Don’t forget that this week is the final week for September and we are quickly approaching the end of the year. I will also look to post a writeup of the games I had the weekend and perhaps even do a writeup of something new. So don’t forget to come back every night and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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