The Doppelganger

Wednesday night brings another weekly twist or secondary hook for our story and this week its a bit of both. With the bringing of a shadowy maze gives us an opportunity to let the party meet their next foe, themselves. Well, maybe not themselves but The Doppelganger is who ever it wants to be and in this case the Lómipilu has chosen to weave the characters into the illusion.

The Doppelganger


As the party member move around the corner they find a familiar set of faces looking back at them. “What happened to you? Where did you go? You were with us a second ago and then you disappeared and we heard noises from behind us…” the look on the party members in front turned to concern and fear. “There is something behind you…”

Turning around the party turned to see shadowy blurred faces that looked very much like the party members who stood behind them. They reached out, pointing and shouting at the party members behind them telling the person to get away from them, that they were dangerous. However it was too late as The Doppelganger had already weaved itself into the minds of all those involved and was playing its part perfectly.

As chaos broke out in the mind of that party member the doppelganger was busy in creating similar chaos elsewhere.


The rest of the group could not find where their party member had gone – they had disappeared but a minute ago as a gust of shadow like gas had gushed from the wall. Racing through it to try and find their missing member they found a dreadful scene where the finishing blow was given to a creature of bone and flesh by their party member.

“Thank the gods you showed up. There were more of these creatures. Several more. They live in the walls and emerge in a puff of smoke and attack without warning.” The party member leant over and breathed heavily with exhaustion. “We will have to be careful moving forward..” he said as another gust of shadow infused smoke erupted from the wall and the party scattered into the surrounding rooms to avoid the gas.

Behind the gas the Lómipilu made its move and changed the rooms that they were in, creating new passages, new rooms and changing the perspective of the players in an instance. One moment they were facing what would be due north, the next they were looking south west at a new door opening into a different hallway. Separated from the rest of the party, well those who were not already taken over by its created doppelgangers.

As the party members began to descend into chaos it made its move, slashing out in violence and the first drops of mortal blood were dropped onto its lightless glass floors and shadowy walls.


I have organised this encounter to only work if the party is fully invested in what’s going on OR by getting them to act out what the enemy is doing. It’s on that note that we find ourselves at the precipice of this weeks encounter where we look at the abilities of the Lómipilu and what its capable of making the party see.

In fact the creature can do just about what ever it wants. This makes it hard for our players to get a sense of how balanced the encounter is but also how to combat it. By getting each other to act out the role of the aggressor and see it from each others point of view we can truly sew in the horror of this scenario.

Thanks for visiting my shadowy lair tonight as we look at the doppelgangers. This twist isn’t something new but I think what I will have for Friday night should have a different perspective on it. On that note don’t forget to come back for the rest of the week and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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