Return of the Ice Queen

Tonight I have prepared a little warning for the party. The reason for Jung (Siu) to return and warn his family and help the party with the Lómipilu. The return of the Ice Queen.

Return of the Ice Queen


As Jung floated across the map in the war room the anxiety laden silence hung beneath him. It had been a few hours since the party of adventures had been thrown out of the Lómipilu lair after their hard fought victory over it. During this time the golden dragon had detailed what they had scried in the jade palace. An army of undead and spirit folk en masse at the wall led by the Yuki-onna astride a black onikage.

The reports and locations of the forces were so vast that it was impossible to pinpoint a location where she could be. But Jung had a theory.

“Yuki-Onna are vengeful and spiteful. They wont like the fact that she was bested in her own house, her domain. Once the party, and Kyoko’s, location is known she will come for them. We can use this.” He said as he placed a long razor sharp claw at the gate house in the middle of the wall.

“But Siu, sorry. Jung. How do we know that Kyoko and the party will be safe?” General Kuang asked as he looked down at the map and distribution of troops. “I can lead the elite guard at the gate but then we are just weathering the storm. The head of this particular snake itself will be somewhere behind the rank and file.”

“I may have the answer to that” Emperor Harimasu proclaimed as he walked in with several royal scholars behind him. “Those items that the adventures recovered were more than shiny trinkets. They are known as the dragons tears. A group of weapons forged from dragon scale and forged in dragons fire. They were used in the last war with the shadow.” He began as the scholars placed the weapons and corresponding scrolls and pieces of parchment on the table. “Our records state they were supremely powerful against the shadow and those who stood against light. I propose that our adventurers, Kyoko and the royal guard wield them. Be the chosen of light to push back against the shadow and its Minions.”

There was a few moments of silence before the mood changed and people started to discuss the merits of the dragons plan. “However…” The emperor said as Master Fukiyomo appeared beside him. “I have received word that the Toshio family are invading from the west. We are about to find ourselves caught between two fronts. I must direct some of the forces from the walls defence to the west.” The positive murmuring finished.

“Adventurers. I fear I have to ask for your insight. What say you. Can you hold the gate, lure out the Yuki-onna and defeat her and those who protect her?” The emperor asked as all the eyes turned towards them.

Thanks for joining me again for another night. The final few pieces of the Adventure come together and we leave it up to the party again. But more on that this weekend with the end of month write-up. So don’t forget to come back for this weeks remaining content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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