Dark Footsteps

Welcome to another Twisted Wednesday here with me. Tonight we are looking at the party as dark footsteps follow them along the shadow-drenched roads as they make their way further towards the wall. As they move closer to the wall the days seem shorter as the sun is constantly hidden behind thick clouds that cast the entire western lands in shadow.

Dark Footsteps


The Dragons Tears items were phenomenal. With a single command word they shed bright light as if a miniature sun had been captured and forged into a item. The sun is something that the party had not seen in days and the further they travelled in this direction the more certain they were that they wouldn’t see the sun for quite some time.

“It wasn’t always like this” Kyoko said from beside them as she walked, the unseasonal browning leaves crunching underfoot. “These parts of the Harimasu lands were always green and rich with life. Now with the Shadow spreading its influence further east it looks like the life is being stripped from the earth.” Kyoko’s voice was melancholy but the bright light from the items the party carries seemed to bring mirth back to her face.

“Legend has it that the weapons were so powerful that the Shadow couldn’t stand to be in their presence. Alone it fled to the mountains to get far enough away from them that it wouldn’t feel their light upon its dark skin.”

The party looked at the items in thought. Surely they were stories told to make the people of these lands feel brave enough to face the horrors that crept in the dark. As a shower of sparks signalled that Takeo had finished building the fire as what they believed to be night descended upon them. Once he had finished with the fire he produced a pot and some rations and foodstuffs to get a meal going.


As the fire flickered and licked at the empty pot the shadows cast from the creatures that gathered around it for warmth. The smell of stewed meat and vegetables caused the creatures to salivate but that wasn’t reason that they were here. The driving pressure, the urge and the desire to appease their master had lead them here and here they waited until they were sure. Their master was a strong one, clever, fast and wise. But his master was even more so and it was he who was giving the orders.

“Wait until we are sure they carry the light. Then we attack and make sure none find the light ever again” their master had instructed them. The largest creature crooned as she received scritches under its massive jaw.

A brief flash of light, then a pulse. A bigger burst of light that seared the eyes of the nocturnal creatures gave them all the information they needed. As a group they charged, whooping, cheering and howling with excitement as they closed into their prey. They just hoped that they would last long enough to be fun for the pack.


I know, another night ambush. When you have dealt with parties that are strong and capable as long as me then there isn’t much that dissuades them. Not to mention they all have darkvision now.

These creatures are more-or-less wargs but with a shadowy touch. Fast and brutal in a pack they should provide a bit of a challenge but not enough to be lethal. The idea behind this is to build up tension rather than to would or hamper the party. Tension can be just as much of a tool in our kit as any website, book or physical device.

Tension for us is really bringing the adventure to a close. It’s building some hype to the fight to come and the increase in number of encounters does just that.

Thanks for joining me tonight to get a bit more of a glimpse at the creatures that lurk in the dark. Tomorrow we will hopefully have an encounter map for this weeks two encounters, potentially more. So don’t forget to come back each day this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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