The edge of torchlight

Wednesday is here and with it comes a small change or potential plot twist for this weeks adventure. Whilst on watch many things can happen at the edge of torchlight and in this case. With this adventure. We have the revelation of life in the unliveable zone between the human defenders and the creatures of the Shadow.

The edge of torchlight


As the party stood atop the wall they thought of the day that they had witnessed. Twice more the shadow creature had struck but by luck, skill or divine grace they had not been inflicted with the affliction. The woman in the infirmary howled with rage and even while heavily sedated it only eased the peaks of her fury.

They also had to witness the dead rise from their broken and battered forms and assault the wall, beaten back and slain by either the warriors on the wall or those afflicted driven mad by rage who hunted the no-mans land between the wall and the rocky mountains where the attacks came from. Even while the party watched from the wall and aided in driving back the dead or the twisted spirit-folk there was little joy in the tasks they did.

It was at this point, at the edge of torchlight that the party saw movement. To precise and too careful for undead or afflicted. Too subtle and tactical to be spirit-folk or beast. As the party watched the shadow approached the edge of the light cast by the braziers and torches that lined the wall and it quickly darted forward and grabbed a pack from a fallen oni warrior. The distinct human colour skin flashed from under layers of tattered and ripped cloth as a sudden gust of wind caused the light cast by the fire to flash across the face of the creature and a human Ryokughan female looked up at the party startled.

The figure pressed a finger to her lips before skulking off towards a crest in the battlefield, as the moon strained to peak through the oppressive clouds the flag, the standard of the wall guard flapped calling the mysterious figure to it.

This weeks looking to be an exciting one with a few fronts to take charge on. As we reach the mid-way mark of the month we look to how we can create tension, intrigue and excitement for the party. Mysterious creatures, unidentified illness and a figure out in no-mans land all help push the party to where we want them to go. So don’t forget to come back the rest of this week to look at where we take this adventure as I have another part for later this week. Oh and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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