Chilling Call of the Queen

Welcome to another plot Monday where this week we look at enduring the chilling call of the queen, Yukri Toshio the Yuki-onna. This week sees the commencement of a siege, perhaps the breaking of it and maybe even the closing conflict between the Yuki-onna and the heroes.

Chilling Call of the Queen


As the Onikage snorted with barely contained violence and hunger, Yukri watched the humans from its back. The yuki-onna knew that the Shadow, the one who had given her powers to rule as the Ice Queen, wanted these humans dead. But killing these humans had proven difficult, even the enlisted help from the Laelóng but the vain beast failed.

“Queen. The humans have escaped back on top of the wall. They have powerful weapons and we have to retreat…” a hesitant voice spoke from her side. The Oni looked down at its feet and braced for the worst but it didn’t come. A second voice spoke, much older, darker and more influential than the lowly Oni.

“You must stop them. Those weapons are cursed by the dragons and elves of old. Their magic has the power to bring down your kingdom. You must kill the wielders and stop them from taking everything you have fought for” The Shadow whispered in her ear. The sound of its voice so filled with power and malice that all other noises, thoughts and reason drifted from her mind. Eventually the sounds of screams, pleading and The Shadows intent washed her thoughts away until there was nothing left but overwhelming rage.

All she had worked for. All she had sacrificed and for what? A group of humans and magic swords to take it from her. Not likely. She watched her warriors and the creatures she commanded flee from the wall, all except the mindless undead, and her frustration grew. The frustration and rage boiled up within the Yuki-onna and it overflowed. Screaming her hatred and rage across the battlefield her intensity of her thoughts mixed with her magical abilities and a wall of frost formed over the fleeing warriors.

“Cowards…” she muttered as she looked upon her frozen troops. “Tomorrow they will take the wall. I don’t care how many it takes I will not have everything I worked for taken from me.”


The start to the end of the week and we have a bit of a fun one planned. A siege firstly followed up by something a bit more… Regardless it looks like it will be a good week and a good closure to the month.

Thanks for dropping by to read my content and for remaining up-to date for this yearly adventure. Don’t forget to come back each day this week as we explore more of the Yuki-onnas plans and see if our party can survive the siege. Oh and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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