Call of Darkness

Welcome to the bonus week leading up to the end of the month. Tonight I wanted to touch briefly on the aftermath, the immediate outcome of the defeat of the Yuki-onna (Yukri Toshi – the Ice Queen). The call of darkness is strongest just before the coming dawn, or so some say, and in this case the party get to witness it first hand.

Call of Darkness


As the Yuki-onna fell to the ground and the remnants of ice cold ichor flowed from her wounds the battlefield fell silent. Then with the sound of a great exhale a gust of wind blew with such ferocity that the wisps of the shadowy smoke that hung to the ground and creatures were sucked into a vortex of wind which hurtled back towards one of the large peaks in the Shadowy mountain ranges. Then, bit by bit the clouds above the wall shifted and sunlight shone down upon the warriors, oni and spirit-folk.

With a shambling upheaval the undead fell to the ground, the dark magics that animated their bodies banished. The spirit folk looked around in fear and confusion before cheering as one and running for the hills. Most dropping their weapons.

The Oni however bellowed for a retreat and fled towards the peak in which the shadow-laden wind retreated to. That’s when the first tremor was felt.

Gradually a low murmur turned into a deep sorrowful moan as the ground itself seemed to lament the passing of the Ice queen. Then with a building of pitch the crescendo was reached and an almighty ping was both heard and felt as a monumental portion of the Shadows Mountainous peak sheared clear from the mountain itself. As the rock hit the ground it took a few heartbeats before the shockwave was felt and an colossal boom was heard for miles around. Just after the ringing in peoples ears started to diminish a large wave of dust moved across the land and stopped just a few hundred feet from the party and the wall.

The Shadows Throne. The unholy seat of power from where it commanded its troops and moved its pieces in the grand game lay open. A faint red glow could be seen coming from beyond the cloud of dust in the open wound of the mountain.

“The way is open to the mountains heart, to the Shadows throne.” Kyoko said as she appeared at the parties side. “We have never been able to penetrate the mountains defences. But now it looks like we have a chance to defeat the shadow. Killing it or pushing it from these lands for good.”

As the wall guards rejoiced a horn bellowed from the top “Captain!” Gin Seng called. “Officer Yuon has awakened!” With that Captain Hou, his daughter, Kyoko and the party rushed towards the wall. Officer Yuon was one of the afflicted who had been confined to the infirmary since the parties first encounter with the Wrath Wraith.

As the party stepped on top of the wall, great sheets of rough ice made for an easy way up, Gin ran to meet them.

“Captain! She says she has seen it. A way into the throne room. A way to the Shadow its self.” he said breathlessly. “and…” he paused as he looked at those gathered “she says it is vulnerable.”


The last of the end of this years campaign where we reach our crescendo with a dungeon delve. It’s been a bit of a wild ride and I still have so many things that I want to achieve. But the format of the blog is that I have a certain amount of time, and only so many hours a day to write so I am pleased at where we are at and what is left.

Another night down and only 37 more nights of content for this years adventure. I am truly thankful that you have joined me on this adventure and this little project of mine. I want to finish the last month on a bit of a high so this week I will be looking to produce two bits of content. The extra content for the month and potentially something a bit more spooky. So make sure to visit each not between now and the end of the month and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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