Dark Script

Welcome to the second week of November where we have found some dark script for the players to piece together. With Christmas just around the corner we may find ourselves chasing darkness as the party venture deeper into the shadow lands. Towards the Shadows Throne we find our party surging forwards on the tail of the fleeing Oni. Their intel received they ready themselves for the battle ahead and move to intercept the creature at the centre of it all. A beast not only of Shadow and magic, but for a short window, one of flesh and solid form.


Dark Script


The party stared at the sheets of paper in front of them. The small droplets of blood that clung to the parchment left a trail as they slid to the ground. The letters, maps and notes that lay out infront of them revealed a side yo the Oni that they hadn’t seen. And one they wished they hadn’t.

Diagrams for a ritual in a large antechamber were revealed. A large altar or pedestal looked to be in a large bowl or recession in the chamber. The drawings indicated sacrifice of spirit folk, oni, humans and other races deemed lower than the oni.

The ritual looked to be one of creation. Binding bones, flesh and blood together to form a new body for something. The ritual pages finished here but there other pages that looked to be schematics for a fortress within a mountain. It mapped plans for guard rotations as well as the hidden path for escaping the citadel in case of emergencies.

Taking the plans, Gin and the surviving members of the plan they head back to the wall. The captain, Kyoko and the messenger for Kuang were all eagerly waiting for the party when they arrived.

After some time they started discussing what it could mean in hurried conversation before they turned to the party for advice.


Hopefully there is enough in the description (more coming Thursday) to cover the meaning of these scraps of paper. The idea really is that the ritual, the vision from the wall guard who recovered from affliction and what they have witnessed will them to the right conclusion.

The next part of the puzzle is how to get them motivated to get to the mountain.


The week is fresh and its looking at being a cracker of one at that. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the dark NPC night and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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