Shadows Demise

Wednesday is here and its a chance for me to expand and add to the current plot or the continuation of exiting plot. Tonight I look at the Shadows Demise, what occurred as the party felled the Avatar in the depths of The Shadows Throne. So sit down, relax and let’s look at the death of a monstrosity, and the birth of perhaps some trauma.

Shadows Demise


As the creature stumbled before them, great swaths of shadowy energy flowing out of the now broken form of the avatar it began to shift and change. Falling to its knees it looked upon the party, the dark pits of unfathomable evil were slowly focused for a moment with clear blue eyes. As the dark energy receded the body seemed to shrink, becoming smaller, frailer and the full extent of the damage they had wrought became visible. Broken bones pierced the skin, welts, burns, gashes and cuts littered every inch of exposed flesh.

As the last of the energy left the body and disappeared into the ether, disrupted by the radiant glow of the weapons they carried a tear escaped the eye of the shadow in front of them. The light in the eyes of the body in front of them disappeared and the blue orbs became unfocused. As it collapsed backwards the face shifted slightly, appearing as several people they had met already. Sai Tsugen, to a warrior that they had seen with Lady Toshio when she had given them the cursed horses.

The body of Karyn lay before them, broken and withered. The Shadow had no pity or mercy for those who had failed or slighted it and Karyn was proof of this. Her body used as a vessel, her natural magical ability to shape change and her warriors grace had all been used by the Shadow as its avatar.

Despite all the Shadows attempts to stay alive its avatar had died. Felled by the creatures that it had sought to destroy and rule over. In fact it was destroyed by the blessed weapons of its ancient enemy, Huangdi – the guardian dragon of the Harimasu family.

As the last of the corrupted and ripped apart soul of disappeared the body of Karyn looked like something of nightmares. Used and discarded by her evil master her life ended how she spent it, in the service of the great evil of this land.

Moving out of the gore filled pit the dead minions of the Shadow filled the halls. As they moved through the carved stone rooms and pathways the soldiers who came to aid in the siege rushed up to them and let them know of what had happened. All the warriors and servants of the Shadow, but a few spirit folk, suddenly dropped dead. Searching the halls they found nothing but death. Some evident from the party and their hands or blades but many were just simply dead.

Liz greeted the party outside the halls and attended to their wounds as best as she could and soon they were travelling back towards the wall. What ever they had deemed worthy to carry out and the vision of the tainted halls was all they dared take from the unholy ground after the Shadows demise.

Thanks for joining me for a bit of a closure / wrap-up update tonight. I had planned for Karyn to make a more prominent re-emergence to the story much earlier however there didn’t seem to be a good time. This ties up a few threads in a way that makes sense but also gives a bit more depth to what this creature was. Don’t forget to come back the new few days as we wrap-up and finalise more of this months adventure and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe