A depth where the sun can’t reach…

Well Monday is here and that means another adventure. This week I’ll be experimenting with something new for me, perhaps old for others but it should be fun regardless.

This week is heavily inspired by two things, a book in the novel series by Adrian Tchaikovsky and an army faction in Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, the Idoneth Deepkin. So with that in mind let’s set sail on this adventure.

From the deep


As the party travelled along the road the crisp, refreshing salt air of the sea washed over their senses and sore muscles. As the dusk sub painted the seemingly endless waves of the southern seas with a pink and orange glow the party looked upon the citadel they were approaching. Large and foreboding the stone tower dominated the countryside. The keep itself was surrounded by impressive buildings and walls that separated the city from the outer buildings, homes and smaller shops that made up the city of Arciryas, or Nobel Ship in elven.

The party waved to passing by guardsmen who patrolled the roads near Arciryas as the party began to set up camp for the night. Despite the roads being famed for their safety they were not expected by the lord of the keep until tomorrow and they didn’t wish to travel through the night if there was no need.

The spring night air was warm and sweet which complimented the meagre stew they cooked up nicely. As dusk lost its duel with night the sky was flooded with stars and only the moonlight cast a silvery net across the ocean, not 200 feet from where the party camped after the low tide swept out.

An hour after dinner the party was woken up by Zandar who was on guard. Several figures had been seen leaving the water and stalking towards the campfire.

Quickly casting a cantrip to look like the party were still huddled around the fire, or asleep, the group hid behind a low sand dune and waited.

A spray of magically created water flew fourth causing the fire to splutter and go out as several lean and lithe figures darted out of the shadows to surround the illusionary figures.

The party snapped into action and spang from their hiding spot, the figures being caught in a trap charged into an aggressive counter attack. After a brief fight one of the figures lay dead at the feet of the adventurers and the other humanoids had fled into the shadows and waves. 

Investigating the body of the attacker they identified a kind of elf. Fine scales covered its skin and small gills were located just behind its ears. It’s armor was dark and leathery whilst its weapons looked to be made of extremely sharp shells, teeth and bone.

Wrapping it in cloth they set it close to the fire and went back to resting.

In the morning no trace of the body could be found as the tide had taken any trace of footprints with it.

The party approached the city of Arciryas to the scene of a large portion of the occupants of houses outside the wall in despair. When talking to the townsfolk they all reported the same thing. 

One of their loved ones was found dead in the morning.

One person, a human male, came forth having heard a shriek of alarm before walking into the room his wife was in. A lithe shadowy figure was seen standing over the body of their wife, a silvery blue light being drawn from the now lifeless body into a strange stone held in the hand of the figure. When he charged the figure, his fish gutting knife held ready to impale the figure leapt through the window just in time, narrowly avoiding the now widowed man’s attack. He did, however, leave a strip of clothing that the man’s blade cut from him. A dark shark leather.

Taking this info to the ruler of the city, Lord Blake Trevally, he requested the party join him in private where he quietly reported that the attacks were happening up and down the coast. When the party recalled their encounter the night before he confirmed that similar skirmishes with the seafoll had occurred. He had recently requested a wizard of some renown research a way to take the offensive but he hadn’t heard from him in a lighthouse to the north.

If the party is willing, Lord Blake requests them to check on the wizard and perhaps be willing to look into the matter further upon their return.

That’s all we have for now, thanks for joining for the start of the week and the start of a new adventure. Come back tomorrow to look at a few NPCs and lets start this week off to a good start.

Don’t forget to let me know if you like the content, if there are things you want more of or things you hope for this week. And as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe