Hobby update for May 13

After a long time putting it off I am finally making some progress on my Hedonites of Slaanesh. So for this hobby update for May 13 I have some updates!

Hobby update for May 13

Shardspeaker of Slaanesh

After owning the model since it came out I’ve finally managed to build and get some paint on it. Primed in Citadel wraithbone the theme is really to blend in with the Blissbarb Archers and other mortal units I have.

With many of the Slaanesh models being androgynous the high leather boots makes a statement. The smoke on the mirror, Dreadful visage contrast paint made short work of the smoke. With some armypainter matte white shaded with thinned aethermatic blue contrast gave the orb staff and potion a nice finish.

The metals gold was Retributor armour with a thin leviathan purple washed over. The Silver’s was Armypainter shining silver shaded with a 50-50 magos purple-leviathan purple wash. The metal on the knee-cap and mirror was instead washed with Reikland fleshshade.

The same Armypainter shining silver was used for the mirror with thinned Aethermatic Blue contrast paint as the wash.

Flesh was easy, thinned Guillimans flesh contrast. The black leather for boots and some straps was corvus black that helped add some darker tones to the model.

Striking scorpion green contrast for the green gems added a burst of colour. But the blue gems were Asurmen Blue contrast. The two red gems was actually the armypainter glistening blood technical paint. Adding a glossy red was a nice touch and drew the eye.

Lastly the clothing. Magos purple contrast for most of the robes with Leviathan purple contrast to darken some areas. The hair was also dreadful visage contrast paint. The helmets horns were also Corvus black and the miscellaneous leather bobs painted to match. And finally armypainter mummy robes was used for the scroll before it and the tactical stone she stands on was washed with agrax earthshade.

Blissbarb Archer

The same paints and general theme was used for the Blissbarb. The only additional paint used was Eladari Emerald contrast paint for the arrow feathers. The bow being Leviathan purple contrast and the shades Retributor armour gold really gave the model a sense of prestige

Thanks for joining me tonight for this Hobby update for May 13. With tomorrow being Mothers day I wish you a great weekend and ask you to not forget to spend with with your family as well as your hobby. And, lastly, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe