Welcome to Mantford

Creative Commons credit: Medieval Fantasy City by David Revoy

Thursday – Map day. A overview of the land around the town of Mantford as well as a few maps that could be used for encounters (if you use maps for encounters). These are merely suggestions that align (mostly) to the plot, key twist locations (maybe) that have been explored already and to tie in with encounters.

The town of Mantford

The town of Manford is really a small settlement situated a short ride from the forest of the same namesake, Mant. The people of the town are a close knit but energetic bunch of farmers and merchants of varying trade where the merchants drive the main prosperity of the town, much to some of the farmers’ chagrin

(Suggested) description of the city.

The town of Mantford is a welcome sight for those who have travelled along the roads near and through the forest of Mant. It’s high walls, friendly citizens and generous king are well known almost as much as the goods it sells at the market that dominates the space within the walls. The walls are well repaired but speak of terrible battles that were once fought, patches of earth appear to have become rancid and regular visitors note that these barren fields have never seen growth in the many years that they have visited. The king walks through the town itself and sees to the needs of his people personally, as such he is much loved and rarely walks with guard – but none would dare face off against Drake Gravebane, slayer of the black dragon.

– Places travelled near and far – A guide to travelling; The travelling bard
The Lands around Mantford – self created in Inkarnate

Yooligo river in Mant forest

Note: Yooligo river – The idea with this image is that it can be used during a few of the plots, or twists, that we have thought of already.

Suggested description.

The last of the day’s light drifts lazily through the canopy of trees creating shifting shadows that dance across the grass and bushes around you. Whilst far enough from the rivers edge to not be bombarded by the offensive smell, the infrequent breeze still sends wafts of the aroma through the camp. The beasts of this forest are all very different from what you have encountered before, mostly their size appears to be between one and three times that of what you have encountered elsewhere. There truly is something magical about this forest that you can’t quite put your finger on. Nightfall will be here soon and a faint glow resonates from the waters edge across the clearing where you are camping. Strange, the forest is truly a peaceful and remarkable place but in scouting the area you found several humanoid skeletons by the waters edge. Never the matter – I will ponder this more after I check for the source of the light by the river.

– The last excerpt found in the journal of Reginald Hufflepants, ‘adventurer extraordinaire’.
Map of a camp on the banks on the edge of the river Yooligo – self created in Inkarnate.

‘Witches’ hut

A hut in the woods…. What else were you expecting?

Suggested Description

The uneven path, if you can even call it that, leads further into the woods. Gods I hope that I find this blasted house that drunk was rambling about so I can get out of this forest. Ah there it is nestled amongst the trees.. Wait, did that one move, it’s so hard to tell with that cursed glow from the waters edge. Bah you’re being daft Jet, just get in, steal the magic potions, or herbs, or whatever that drunk said, and get out. Selling them to the people of Mantford will make you a rich man. Ah, there’s the hut, I knew stealing the map from that cursed merchant would pay off – he practically let me have it with how he kept it hanging out of his pocket! What an idiot.  It’s relatively well looked after, that’s a surprise, the steps aren’t rotted, there is smoke coming from the chimney, best scope it out before going inside. Ah, this window is filthy though. Yup that does the trick, a quick bit of elbow grease and I can see again. Crap, there is someone in.. oh never mind.. Trick of the hearth light.. Oh look – on the table. Potions and herbs and glowing.. Rocks? What ever it is I’m Rich!
Wait.. I swear I heard something that time.. Was that bush alway… No, No I’m sorry. I won’t come back! Dont hurt me!

– Last thoughts of Jet, the retriever of things.. for the right price.
A map of the witches hut in the Mant forest near the Yooligo river – self created in Inkarnate

Thanks for exploring some maps with me tonight.

Maps are not essential, I almost prefer to not use them and rely on descriptions to give the players a view of the surroundings. Maps however can increase the players, and our own – the DMs, immersion into the session and gives us a great excuse to use miniatures!

The only map that wasn’t included, which is sometimes the only map you need, is a roughly drawn road with trees/rocks/grass or sometimes nothing by the sides of it. Encounters, social or combative, happen randomly at times and its useful to have a map for just that situation.

These are just suggestions – feel free to create clones of the maps through inkarnate and modify them to suite your adventure – I found using incarnate a great tool for just getting the scene, or words, into a picture that you can give to your players.

Oh, and don’t forget to roll with advantage!
The Brazen Wolfe

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