Out of the mud appeared…

Welcome to Fight night! I mean Friday.. After a day of non-stop rain and thunderstorms I think it’s only fitting that I put in some encounters, including a home-brew creature, that the party could encounter.

Before we kick off into the below, let’s make some assumptions. This isn’t an overly difficult adventure, I anticipate party members of level 1 or 2 (max) and around 4 of them. So the encounters will be balanced for around that.

Battle planned along Yoolingo Forest, if the party is present at night then this encounter should be triggered.


Considering the amount of rain outside I don’t see it as being too far fetched to create something (with my mediocre skills with GIMP) that we could use for an encounter. The idea is that these things fight in swarms, they burrow under the ground until they don’t… at which point one will appear (stealthily as possible for a glowing worm) and try to hypnotise the first creature they find. Then all worms will attack that creature after they surround it.

To balance these guys out lets go with 5 works for 4 level 1 characters – they live on (in) the river bank itself* and the ground on this edge is slippery and treacherous. Count the ground as difficult terrain to move through and if people try and run / move at normal speed they must make a dex save of DC13 or fall prone at which point the worms will surround them and try and have a free feed.

*see maps from yesterday

The second encounter to be considered is an encounter with the king. This is a social Encounter (but they can fight him if they want to.. but I would look for the stat block for a knight and assume that the villagers would assist their king in the fight.


The king would recognise the party adventurers and invite them to walk with him back to the keep. He would explain the concern he has for his daughter, which is genuine, and that he has uncovered some lore that appears to suggest that there is a healing spring in the forest of Mant. He would try and convince them with a small sum of gold (50gp each) as he believes that the kingdom’s wealth be best spent in supporting and providing for its people. A successful persuasion roll (dc 12) would double the gold. If they do accept the quest he would also offer them a favour in return, one that doesn’t impede the safety of his city and its people and it must be within his power to do so.

If the Party accepts a quest (not the stop quest – for good reason) from one of the 4 ‘actors’ (see plots) and then they decide to stay a night in the inn – Play the betrayal/Blackmail twist (here).


This Encounter is a escape encounter – they can either face the guardsmen and have their gear confiscated before appearing to the king to plead their case or they can try and escape. This becomes a series of stealth rolls and decisions (DM to jnudge) in order for them to get to the gates.
The gates are not that far from where the party is staying, however there are guardsmen patrolling the streets, at least 2 encounters unless the alarm is raised (the party are seen skulking about, fail a stealth check or blow their cover.. DMs choice) then double the number you have. The party should be encouraged to do whatever they want to escape (violence will have its consequences though) and the aim is to let them escape to meet the accomplice at the gates.

If they do escape then they meet with the accomplice.. Who is an illusion made of shadow. any attacks will pass through the illusion and the creator of the illusion (Gil Tenpenny) would up the ante by offering them an ultimatum. “Steal the king’s mace for me or I will make you pay”

He will also send his henchmen to attack the party in the forest (See next encounter – 01FrST)

Bandits in the forest

01FrSt (see 01FrEsFeLe)

Gil Tenpenny has sent his men to go and capture the creature in the forest (see plot) or to interfere with the party’s goal. This can occur at the river map or the witches hut (your choice) but an ambush along a road may be better, this may not require a map but I’d recommend the below for each option.


The bandits would either be at the campsite (or if the party is at the campsite they would ambush at dusk/dawn).

2 bandits would be armed with short bows

2 bandits armed with short swords

1 bandit will be armed with a spear and a net

The 3 melee bandits would focus on attacking the front party members, using a net to entangle the party member who poses the most threat whilst the ranged bandits would try and hit anyone who displays magic, or, is also ranged.


The bandits would wait until the party had entered the hut before blocking the door and throwing torches against the hut, catching it on fire. The party needs to make a DC12 strength check to push down the door or they can jump out the windows which requires an acrobatic check to not fall prone and injure themselves for 1d4 damage.

The bandits will attack the first person out of the hut, 4 will be melee armed with torches and a club and one will be armed with a heavy crossbow taking shots at whoever is engaged with its allies.


The bandits would wait for the party member to appear before one of them would fall onto the road covered in blood (animal blood).

When/if the party comes to investigate she will fake her injuries and point the party off road to nearby trees asking them to go save her son. Once over by the trees the bandits will spring their trap.

2 rope traps are on the ground,

Dc12 investigation roll to spot. That creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or be hoisted into the air, leaving it hanging upside down 3 feet above the ground or the floor. The creature is restrained.

The Rope has 2 hp and can be cut with a slashing weapon (AC10). Or a DC17 strength check will break it. Once the party members are trapped they will intimidate the party to try and get them to surrender by putting their weapons down. They do not intend to let them go peacefully (Insight check dc10). When they attack, 3 have short swords and 2 have short bows.

For the River or hut encounter see here (Welcome to Mantford)

Thanks for joining me for fight-night – I had a lot of fun looking at these encounters and coming up with some ideas. Join me again during the weekend (Saturday or Sunday… not sure yet) to have a look at the full adventure.

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