Highway to Zel

So Sunday is here again so that means its adventure day!

This week’s adventure ended up being set in post-apocalyptic modern-ish setting using the OpenLegendRPG system.

Working on this adventure really rekindled the passion and want to get back into the campaign I wrapped up a few years back.

Anyway. Now for the content.

The Setting

Times are hard in the year 2045, multiple pandemics, a world war and the unprecedented advancement of human technologies that hadn’t been seen since the renaissance period saw a world wide cataclysm that brought humanity to its knees.

Now scattered through the cities in settlements, humans, and those descended from humans, must risk life and limb to find enough resources to sustain the refugees and existing population in the settlements.

The plot

The party find themselves in Zel, a refugee heavy settlement in what used to be Perth, Australia. The people here come from all over the globe and the city was one of Australia’s that wasn’t brought to its knees during the Riftgate experiment.

However the newly risen and the cursed Damned stalk the streets and those who venture out without protection or an escort are easy prey to the beasts and the dead that hunt humankind.

In Zel the merchant Brunblethatch Ispich, known to be a trailblazer of trends, has a job for the party. Deliver a crate full of his latest wares across the city to another settlement for sale. The party will be paid per unit that makes it across the city safely and in, relatively the same condition it leaves. The catch/twist being.. it’s live cargo, sort of,  that the Party is transporting and they are not to look in the reinforced crate.

What Brunblethatch doesn’t know is that the rogue Jeremiha Roost is also aware of the potential profit in store for Brunblethatch and had been watching the merchant’s actions with great interest.

The people

Brumblethatch Ispich

Brunblethatch Ispich is an eccentric merchant known for being harmless to others but ruthless in business.

Theo Rosenhut

Theo Rosenhut is unlucky in life and love. His latest venture to prove that his bad luck is over is to drive the cart that a local merchant is organising a guard to take to the otherside of the city.

Jeremiha Roost

Jeremiha Roost is a cruel thief that takes what he wants and doesn’t seem to care if people get hurt. There is a bounty out for his head DOA with enough to feed the party for a week.

Jasmina Koy

Jasmina Coy, Jas to most, is a savvy peddler of information. The party would do well to seek her out before any mission.

Felicity Carsmile

Feli Carsmile offers a room to rent. It’s not much but sure beats sleeping on the street. If late she seems to be less bubbly than normal and rough looking people keep visiting and harassing her at her place, Feli’s.

The Encounters

The party knows the route, to be safe they need to have one or two of them scouting the road ahead for the number of deaders (zombies from the attempt at curing the last pandemic). They assume that it should be clear as there hasn’t been any reports of the dead on the route for quite some time.

This changes…

The party spots a horde of undead up ahead and a sudden loud explosion from the way they came causes the crate to shudder as if something within is trying to get out. The explosion also alerts the horde and the party is forced down a side street with their cargo in tow.

They manage to outpace the undead and calculate a new route, along Timings street

Encounter 1

They don’t make it too far towards Timings street before a group of zombies spot them. All of them look like they suffered recent, very recent damage and appear to be searching for something else before they spot the party.

9 lesser zombies and 1 zombie.

The party after fighting the zombies notice that the crate hasn’t stopped shuddering with a regular rhythm, like something wanting to get out. They also notice that the zombies are littered with strange burn-like bullet wounds. No slug is found though.

9 – Zombie – Lesser

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

See the stat blocks in my previous post

1 – Zombie

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

See the stat blocks in my previous post

Encounter 2

Once on Timings steet the party find themselves looking at a food court when night falls. Setting up against the back of a large fallen, petrified tree the party rests.

Successful watch.
Midway through the night the party member on watch notices a shadowy figure heading towards the crate that has stopped moving after several hours.
The party encounter Jermeiha Roost and he demands the party hand over the crate and that he would spare them. If they do the party is let go and don’t have to fight him, if they don’t then a fight will break out. 

Un-Successful watch.
Midway through the night the party member on watch hears a shout before a lot of fast moving feet scramble around the camp. The party wakes up just in time to see Jeremiha Roost running from the camp and 12 lesser zombies chasing him.. Until they realise that the party members are within eating distance 

Jeremiha Roost

See the stat blocks in my previous post


12 – Zombie – Lesser

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

See the stat blocks in my previous post

The outcome

After the harrowing journey to the new settlement the party is greeted by the person buying the zombies… He will give you enough money for week worth of food per zombie that survived the jounrey. He will only confirm the money payment once he escorts you back to his warehouse and opens the crate of zombies into a containment pen.

Thanks for joining for this late weekend post. Today’s finalised adventure is something that I hope to actually run in a near campaign, with some things changed incase my players read this blog. I hope that it creates a curiocity to go check out open legends and give it a shot.

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