No sleep for the town of Sparrows Rest

Monday is here and it has brought with it a few new htings for Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. I spent a few hours over the weekend trying to get some last customisations in place for the site and I am happy with how they turned out.

So this week we are going back to my failed adventure. Yup. Failed it big time. Had a lot of pressure to, a now good friend from work was joining me for her first Dungeons & Dragons experience and I misjudged the difficulty of a ancounter and it ended in a TPK. My first and last Character kill – but thats a topic for another time. Lets got on with Monday – That mean Plot!
This week there are some strong warhammer influences – for those hardcore nerds and geeks out there call out if you can see where its going.

Sparrows Rest Keep

Photo “The Tower Inn” By Eryk Szczygiel via

Sparrows rest

The now farming village of Sparrows Rest was once the site of a massive battle. Forces of order against forces of chaos, beasts and men of destruction faced off against hordes of undead and the fighting didn’t cease for years. Only after the destruction of the Sparrows Rest Keep, long revered as a sacred site, and the final push by the defenders of good did the war end.

Many centuries later and a town sprung up on the land made fertile by the blood and bones of the long dead. The crops grew plentiful in the sun and the inhabitants of the town were peaceful joyous folk who made offerings to the three kingdoms in which their town bordered such was the bounty of the land.

All except for the land around Sparrows Rest Keep which was forbidden to be tended by any farmer or owned by man living under the sun.

For decades the descendants of the original settlers have toiled and worked hard upon the land and they have been rewarded, until now.

Strange shadows haunt the city at night, crops have been disappearing – which wasn’t an issue as the farmers believed the stock or local wildlife was getting to it. It had happened once or twice before and the sun had blessed them with enough bounty that the offering was still fine. But..
Less game and large grazing animals were in the local woods and fields and the stock were also disappearing, a few at a time. Strange chitterings could be heard against the walls of the houses of the townsfolk at night and the local authorities believe it’s just a matter of time until something worse happens.

The village has called for aid and the party answers the call.

The Offerings is upon us


The town mayor has requested aid as it is a few months until the tithing, where they pay respect and give the offerings of their hard work to the neighbouring kingdoms and something is wrong.

Great patches of land have started to become barren. Seed is harder to take and what does grow, disappears overnight. This blight is getting worse and it started not far from the old keep.

Family affairs


The party arrive in the city to find Percy Fairweather dead, his family mourn over his body as it is put, respectively of course, onto the back of a cart and the onlookers are shooed away.

The party is requested to seek out the only suspect, his fiancee, Kat Baker, and bring her back to find out what happened to the young man.
She was seen running from Percy’s house and fleeing in the keeps direction on the back of a white horse.

For a blade


Timothy Carpen approaches the party. He is a tall and broad man with a look of extreme confidence that is almost infectious. He explains that when exploring the keep for a fugitive, who reportedly lives up there, he was attacked by a creature most foul. He ran the creature through with his Great Grandmother’s blade and it crawled off to die in whatever pile of rubbish it lived in.

He asks the Party to retrieve the blade for him as he wishes to return the blade to its place at their families mantle.

Thanks for joining me for another week and for another few plots. As with last week if you like a particular plot hook more don’t feel shy! Sure up your Charisma or Presence check and comment with which plot you like most and we can turn it into an adventure hook for the week.

And if you do post, feel free to mention from where you are from, it would be great to get to know the people who are reading and getting to see a glimpse into my mind.

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