Battlemech – The Sea-kits grow

Focusing on raw firepower with the latest tech they can get their hands on the clan Sea Kits pilots are rough and ready to go.

Following the old ways their parents abandoned they fight for the memory of how their parents clan used to be. However the ways of old are pretty much gone much like the sea foxes of old.

But with each new season a rejuvenation of both sea fox kits, and the descendents of the clan Sea Foz mech pilots grows. Now is the time to start their conquest of vengeance, now is the time for the Sea Kits!

A few painting progress pictures of about half my growing sea Kit army. Super easy and lazy theme with shades of blue “splashed” next to each other to create a camo effect.

While not as exhaustive and grand as Age of Sigmar I am enjoying several aspects of the game so far.

Thats it for tonight. Thanks for dropping in and until next time, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Highway to Zel

So Sunday is here again so that means its adventure day!

This week’s adventure ended up being set in post-apocalyptic modern-ish setting using the OpenLegendRPG system.

Working on this adventure really rekindled the passion and want to get back into the campaign I wrapped up a few years back.

Anyway. Now for the content.

The Setting

Times are hard in the year 2045, multiple pandemics, a world war and the unprecedented advancement of human technologies that hadn’t been seen since the renaissance period saw a world wide cataclysm that brought humanity to its knees.

Now scattered through the cities in settlements, humans, and those descended from humans, must risk life and limb to find enough resources to sustain the refugees and existing population in the settlements.

The plot

The party find themselves in Zel, a refugee heavy settlement in what used to be Perth, Australia. The people here come from all over the globe and the city was one of Australia’s that wasn’t brought to its knees during the Riftgate experiment.

However the newly risen and the cursed Damned stalk the streets and those who venture out without protection or an escort are easy prey to the beasts and the dead that hunt humankind.

In Zel the merchant Brunblethatch Ispich, known to be a trailblazer of trends, has a job for the party. Deliver a crate full of his latest wares across the city to another settlement for sale. The party will be paid per unit that makes it across the city safely and in, relatively the same condition it leaves. The catch/twist being.. it’s live cargo, sort of,  that the Party is transporting and they are not to look in the reinforced crate.

What Brunblethatch doesn’t know is that the rogue Jeremiha Roost is also aware of the potential profit in store for Brunblethatch and had been watching the merchant’s actions with great interest.

The people

Brumblethatch Ispich

Brunblethatch Ispich is an eccentric merchant known for being harmless to others but ruthless in business.

Theo Rosenhut

Theo Rosenhut is unlucky in life and love. His latest venture to prove that his bad luck is over is to drive the cart that a local merchant is organising a guard to take to the otherside of the city.

Jeremiha Roost

Jeremiha Roost is a cruel thief that takes what he wants and doesn’t seem to care if people get hurt. There is a bounty out for his head DOA with enough to feed the party for a week.

Jasmina Koy

Jasmina Coy, Jas to most, is a savvy peddler of information. The party would do well to seek her out before any mission.

Felicity Carsmile

Feli Carsmile offers a room to rent. It’s not much but sure beats sleeping on the street. If late she seems to be less bubbly than normal and rough looking people keep visiting and harassing her at her place, Feli’s.

The Encounters

The party knows the route, to be safe they need to have one or two of them scouting the road ahead for the number of deaders (zombies from the attempt at curing the last pandemic). They assume that it should be clear as there hasn’t been any reports of the dead on the route for quite some time.

This changes…

The party spots a horde of undead up ahead and a sudden loud explosion from the way they came causes the crate to shudder as if something within is trying to get out. The explosion also alerts the horde and the party is forced down a side street with their cargo in tow.

They manage to outpace the undead and calculate a new route, along Timings street

Encounter 1

They don’t make it too far towards Timings street before a group of zombies spot them. All of them look like they suffered recent, very recent damage and appear to be searching for something else before they spot the party.

9 lesser zombies and 1 zombie.

The party after fighting the zombies notice that the crate hasn’t stopped shuddering with a regular rhythm, like something wanting to get out. They also notice that the zombies are littered with strange burn-like bullet wounds. No slug is found though.

9 – Zombie – Lesser

Photo by cottonbro on

See the stat blocks in my previous post

1 – Zombie

Photo by cottonbro on

See the stat blocks in my previous post

Encounter 2

Once on Timings steet the party find themselves looking at a food court when night falls. Setting up against the back of a large fallen, petrified tree the party rests.

Successful watch.
Midway through the night the party member on watch notices a shadowy figure heading towards the crate that has stopped moving after several hours.
The party encounter Jermeiha Roost and he demands the party hand over the crate and that he would spare them. If they do the party is let go and don’t have to fight him, if they don’t then a fight will break out. 

Un-Successful watch.
Midway through the night the party member on watch hears a shout before a lot of fast moving feet scramble around the camp. The party wakes up just in time to see Jeremiha Roost running from the camp and 12 lesser zombies chasing him.. Until they realise that the party members are within eating distance 

Jeremiha Roost

See the stat blocks in my previous post


12 – Zombie – Lesser

Photo by cottonbro on

See the stat blocks in my previous post

The outcome

After the harrowing journey to the new settlement the party is greeted by the person buying the zombies… He will give you enough money for week worth of food per zombie that survived the jounrey. He will only confirm the money payment once he escorts you back to his warehouse and opens the crate of zombies into a containment pen.

Thanks for joining for this late weekend post. Today’s finalised adventure is something that I hope to actually run in a near campaign, with some things changed incase my players read this blog. I hope that it creates a curiocity to go check out open legends and give it a shot.

Don’t forget to checkout my linked twitter below and more importantly don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Some weekend musings

Happy weekend all!

Just a few quick thoughts today.
Let’s look at as I am very excited to be looking back at this system as I hope to have an upcoming campaign using this system.
The campaign is a well loved setting for myself and my players which we truly get a lot of enjoyment out of over the past few years. Modern-Apocalypse with sci-fi elements inspired by the video game Hellgate London.

I have tried to run it with a system like Dungeons and Dragons and although still fun, the flexibility and choice of customisation is what makes OpenLegendRPG a great system for this setting.

Gone is a lengthy skill tree as you now have an attribute system that you use inside and outside combat that isn’t flat modifiers, it’s Extra dice to roll.

Also a class-less system makes creating your character exactly how you want a breeze.

I could go on and on about this RPG system but for now I’ll just leave this here for those who want to dip a toe in and have a look-see.

OpenLegendsRpg introduction

That’s all for now, don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the writeup of this week’s adventure and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

Friday already, that week went fast. Well it’s fight-night and this week we are looking at stat blocks in open legend!

Feel free to convert them to what ever setting you want – the idea is that you should have a few low level ‘minion’ encounters that aim to slow the party or give a mild sense of danger and something that is actually reasonably dangerous. I tend to never give out easy encounters and aim for moderate / hard difficulty where possible as each battle should be something that tests the party and conveys a sense of danger.

Zombie – lesser


Zombies that have been around for a while are little more than annoyances. Generally suffering pre-battle damage, a little slower or missing limbs they quickly fall before the hail of bullets or swift strike from a shovel.

Zombie Minion – level 1

Hit points: 5
Guard: 10
Toughness: 16
Resolve: 13


Will: 4
Perception: 3
Might: 3
Fortitude: 3

Favoured Actions and feats

Feat: Resilient: Advantage 1 when resisting affects.
Feat: Bane focus – Knockdown – Triggers when dealing 5 damage on attacks
Feat: Multibane – Immobile, Knockdown (2) – You are able to inflict both banes with a single attack

Action: Bite or claw , might, unarmed strike
Action: Grab and drag down: Immobile (and knockdown) (might)

Item : Wealth level – range/Properties | Banes available.

No items of note.

Lesser zombies huh, these things hunt in packs of 3. As they are minion monsters you can have 3 of these for every level of your encounter. Since we target Moderate level and assume 4 level 1 Pcs we have a budget of 4 npc levels. So 9 of these things and 1 “big zombie” is one encounter. Or just 12 of these lesser zombies will do.



The freshly turned are generally faster, stronger and a bit more bitey. Generally suffering only the damge that killed them these zombies tend to take a bit more before they fall before the hail of bullets or swift strike from a shovel.

Zombie – level 1

Hit points: 5
Guard: 10
Toughness: 16
Resolve: 13


Will: 4
Perception: 3
Might: 3
Fortitude: 3

Favoured Actions and feats

Feat: Resilient: Advantage 1 when resisting affects.
Feat: Bane focus – Knockdown – Triggers when dealing 5 damage on attacks
Feat: Multibane – Immobile, Knockdown (2) – You are able to inflict both banes with a single attack

Action: Bite or claw , might, unarmed strike
Action: Grab and drag down: Immobile (and knockdown) (might)

Item : Wealth level – range/Properties | Banes available.

No items of note.

Zombies, the freshly risen dead have a bit more juice in them – these things are likely to be surrounded by lesser zombies, or in smaller packs. These count was 1 NPC level when looking at our budget so 1 or 2 of them and between 9 and 6 lesser zombies would be ideal. A pretty touch challenge for a group of level 1 PCs to try and fight through.

Jeremia Roost


Jeremiha is not shy from a fight (depending on twists) and will defend himself in a hurry.

Often seen wearing a long coat and a medium length blade he is quick on his feet and likes to out-think his opposition rather than out muscle them.

Jeremiha Roost – Level 3 NPC

Hit points: 20
Guard: 15
Toughness: 12
Resolve: 18


Agility: 5
Perception: 4
Might: 4
Logic: 4

Favoured Actions and feats

Feat: Attack Specialisation II: Advantage 2 on attacks
Feat: Lethal strike I: Gains Advantage 1, Up to 5 lethal damage
Feat: Multi-target attack Specialist (area): ignore 1 level of disadvantage when targetting multiple enemies with an attack.

Action: Shoot, Agility, handgun.
Action: Flash Gauntlet: Blind, area of affect. Disadvantage = 1 per target above 2 within 25ft of Jeremiha.
Action: Slash, Agility, Machette.


Item : Wealth level – range/Properties | Banes available.

Handgun: W:2 – 50’/Precise | Persistent Damage, Slowed.
Machette: WL2 – Melee/Precise, Swift | Persistent Damge, Disarmed.
Precise – Can use agility instead of Might
Swift – Gain Advantage 2 to initiative roll.
Trench-coat: WL1, Light Armor – Defense Bonus 1.

Jeremiha does not like fighting fair, he will try and open up using his flash gauntlet (Area of affect 25′ blinded bane) before trying to slow and cripple his opponents before making a run for it.



No matter where you go, what city you visit the streets are full of them. Moving about trying to make a living, helping out the party on occasion and just as frequently assisting the parties quarry or enemies in the city.

Civilian Minion – level 1

Hit points: 2
Guard: 13
Toughness: 13
Resolve: 10


Will: 3
Perception: 3
Might: 3
Fortitude: 3

Favoured Actions and feats

None as such.

Action: Club/ baseball bat/wrench/ attack, might, Improvised weapon attack

Item : Wealth level – range/Properties | Banes available.

Improvised weapons: WL1 – 5ft/Forceful | Knockdown, Stunned.

Other items:
Maybe a few small items of note, little ot no wealth on them.

Each one is differnt, some will fight for you, some will fight against you.

Admittedly I got a bit lazy after work today and didnt find additional images to represent zombies or the civilians – but the artbreeder tool we used earlier this week could be a great way to quickly whip up some zombie or civilian portraits to use in your game. Or, if you are not re-selling your content, finding fantastic artwork on line is another way to make the session pop for your players.

With this we end the week. A semi-modern/sci-fi list of encounters. Any of the above could be used for a generic enocunter on the streets, alley way or in a shopping centre / mall – the choice is up to you. Don’t forget what ever you do, describe them as you see fit. Nothing quite stresses the importance of a fight like a great sales pitch.

The horde of zombies tearing at the doors to the bunker trying to get to the people you have sworn to protect beneath. Their rotting hands leaving wet chunks of decayed flesh on the cold steel of the reinforced door as they slowly beat and try and rip at the door to get to the people beneath.

Just don’t forget to make the fight feel worth while to the players, oh and don’t forget to roll with advantage!
The Brazen Wolfe

When you can, always take the high road

Thursday has come around Quickly this week.

This week I went way back to basics.. This was really triggered by finding a binder that I used many many years ago early in my DMing.

No fancy tools this week, hand drawn maps that could be tweaked for fantasy or sci-fi but easily usable for modern settings.

Timings Street


Once a bustling street when it was first created the thriving merchant street in a retail distrit suffered several collapses to the road which saw the street and eventually section of the city blocked from traffic or use until it could be repaired.
That was many, many years ago now.

This may would be suitable for any adventure where you want the paty to search for items, people or a way around another obstacle. There are a few places to hide and more than one way through the street. There is also several places to be ambushed so party members beware.

The starting ‘zone’ for the party is on the left of the image, to the north and south (assuming they enter from the west) is a 15ft wide street that passes several long abandoned buildings. Some have unstable areas or areas that have fully collapsed to perhaps a lost mine, the cities sewer, or deeper.
There is one obvious way through, the street to the north (top of the page), but a less obvious way is down the stairs just south of this exit, along the rift on the right of the page.

There is a walkway down the south (bottom) of the map that can be accesed by jumping the 10ft railing or by taking the stairs to the north immediately as the party enter this area. This will however require the party to jump a 10ft rift, failure will be dire.

To the north of the road is a “food court” or a place where maybe merchants would set up their shops to display and sell their wares, complete with storage areas where some goods may still be present and useable. Maybe.

The Alley


Yeah is pretty hard to have a good name for an Alley, so for this purpose its just any alley that you want to include in you game.

The alley is home to the forgotten, several fortified doors litter the sides of the street where crates and boxes covered in linen or Tarps. Thugs and the misfortunate have made makeshift dwellings in the forgotten roof spaces of buildings either side of the narrow walkway (10 ft) and the party are sure that the person they are looking for has entered into this area.. now just where did they go.

The easiest way is encountering a thief, bandit, pickpocket or hunting one out for a bounty (02MoSt1). Or when the party is on the run from someone or something.

There are a few hiding holes available for the player or their target, on the left is a locked door with stairs down into the underground passage ways – getting through that door wont be easy though. On the right of the entrance (bottom of the map) there is an unlocked door (4ft wide) that leads to a room with just a bed. I would imagine that it would hold a sleeping person who wouldn’t be fond of being woken up.

The crates in the middle are covered (and create a bit of a rain cover/shade cloth effect) by a tarp/linen but can be climbed. Once at this height the party should be able to jump to the tarp covered enclove to the right, where people could be hiding, or valueables may be hidden amongst some hidden boxes, barrels or crates.

On the left opposite this enclove is another place where the party could climb up, Each box I would make it between 3 and 4 feet tall so the party members have to climb on these boxes to get to where they want to go – the aim is to give them or who they are after options where they want to hide.

To the north behind a series of boxes covered by a tarp or shade cloth there is a hidden hole or door in the wall.. a perfect place for an stash of goods or someone avoiding the party that was chasing them.

I had a look at a few Isometric drawing programs today, all of which I was unfamiliar with, as I wanted to try something new that I could suggest for peoples toolbelt. I started to toy around with Inkscape but ran out of time (untimely windows update that locked up my PC for the day… )

The purpose of the two maps are to be able to fit into almost any encounter, adhoc or planned, for the party to experience. They can easily be tweaked in style, description or setting to fit any RPG theme; not just the gritty semi-future/modern hybrid world that inspired me today, so that they can be used for future encounters or adventures. Perhaps re-used again if the party wasnt equipt to take on whats down in the sewers or under-world that the maps have the opportunity for.

Sometimes the best way to convey and idea is to just get a mechanical pencil (or non-mechanical), some plain paper or grid/graph paper like I had in that long-forgotten folder and just put pencil to paper. Having a look, or remembering what maps, action or chase scenes from your favourite movie or show can help create a map that your party will enjoy just as much as you enjoyed thinking it up.

Dont forget to have fun with it, if you think something is cool on a map or mindscape then your players should too, and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

What in the Zel…

Wednesday already – being at home sick (thankfully not COVID though, rolled a good con save there) and not working means that I have a lot of extra brain power these past few days so I am experimenting with new formats and templates for the different content I produce.

Today is Twist day – that isn’t to say that you need to have a twist in an adventure, just that they can add a little something to the session. Let’s have a look at what can go wrong in and around Zel.

Jeremiha Roost

Jeremiha (02TuSt2) is wanted for aggressive robbery and murder. He has been requested to be brought in dead or alive by the Zel City Watch (02MoSt2)… But what if all isn’t what it seems.


Jeremiha is targeting shipments of supplies going outside the city of Zel. It turns out he is only stealing from the merchants who are sending out the limited supplies out of the city instead of helping the poor and starving.

The reported murder is where the father and son got into a heated arguement about handing the goods over – the son wanted to sell the goods to make more money for themselves but the father was happy to hand over the goods peacefully to Jeremiha. When the Father agreed the son pulled out a weapon and tried to kill the father, doing so just as Jeremihas blade separated the arm from the son. Applying a healing salve to the sons wound Jeremiha left after depositing a sum of money to the son so that he could ensure

If the party witness Jeremiha during a robbery/heist, and he is captured then this twist should be considered

Up to the players – Can hand him in or let him go and knowingly fail the quest. Hand him in and the goods will continue to be stolen and given back to the people


Jeremiha is as bad as they come. He almost prefers people to put up a fight so he can inflict harm upon them – seemingly only feeling joy when he is on the hunt for new people to assault and rob.

However, he is not alone. The reason he has gone undetected for so long is because several of the watchmen and women are under his employ.

If Jeremiha is found several men/women of the watch appear at the same time and look to surround him and “back up” the players. But then they ambush the players.


If the players request help from the guard then they turn on the players just after finding Jeremiha with the intent on killing them.

Players now have to try and fight off Jeremiha as well as the corrupt officials. Then they have to report this back to the head officer, Sam (02TuSt1)

Bonus twist(s)

Sam could have known that there was corruption in the watch and used this to get rid or reveal the traitors.


Jeremiha was the corrupt previous captain of the watch and held a lot of power over her officers. Getting rid of him and some of those officers will solidify her position

Or you could just have him as a lone operator without a twist. The idea behind him is relatively flexible – not all bad guys need to have corrupted the system or have a deeper more ‘robin hood’ background story but these twists can enrich them further.

What lies behind the sheets

The idea for this twist is simple. What you are escorting is not all all what it seems. The caravan carrying refugees (02MoEs1) or the escort of goods from warehouse 1 to market (02MoEs2)


The caravan that the refugees are in, led by one of the refugees who is a sort of nominated leader of the group, has gone through a long journey to the neighbouring settlement. Along the way however they changed course off the pre-plotted route to go down dangerous roads and it caused the party a few days of fighting.

The last few nights the party have also woken up to ambushes on the caravan which has caused the party a few restless nights of sleep.

The party arrive exhausted but safe at the settlement…

There is no particular trigger for this – either it happens or it doesn’t. I would think that this is the default adventure for this plot.

See 02WeEs3 or 02WeEs4


What Brumblethatch didn’t tell the party is that the goods they are to escort are living specimens of a semi-hostile race.

The buyer is someone who plans to experiment on them so that they can better understand how they work and how to kill them.

Since they are hostile, relatively unknown creatures, despite it being a short distance the party members have to subdue the creatures as they try to escape their crate. For each creature not subdued (but slain) reduce the payout by 20%.

If you want to have the quest have more of a shock or moral delimma then introduce this twist.

Reduced income if the party kills any of the creatures. The party members have to decide if they want to hand over the things to be experimented on.


Upon seeing the settlement walls a strange silence comes from the caravans holding the refugees. Approaching the walls of the settlement the guard of the settlement comes to greet the caravan and the escort.

Once within range of the Caravans the refugees burst out armoured and armed with a range of weapons. The refugees quickly overpower the guards at the settlement before rushing towards the gate separating the walls.

The party, exhausted, watches on as the first guards fall down injured, dead or dying as the self proclaimed leader apologises for their deceit and throws a bag or valuable goods towards the party member. Mentioning that this settlement invaded the settlement that they used to belong to and either killed or captured (into slavery) the people that didnt manage to escape.

Option for changing the storyline between the refugees quest..

The party has to decide whether to help the guards and fight the people they have travelled with for the past few days in their exhausted state.

Protecting the settlement may buy them an ally in the future and give more options of future missions and quests.


Some of the locals don’t like that the Party has brought more mouths to feed to the settlement and organise an ambush/attack on the party as they are resting that night.

Some of the refugees are killed in the attack.

If the refugees don’t attack the settlement then consider this the other side of the coin.

The refugees leave the settlement after the attackers are dealt with to take their chances in the wild instead of dealing with the settlement’s people who attacked them outright.

There are quite a few here, but really its 2 with different outcomes for the first. Either of these should be considered heavily if either of the parent plots are selected.

It’s a trap!

Suitable for any quest. It’s a trap is simple. Either the patron or a competing faction want what you have and have set you up. OR they are testing you see if you are truly worthy to be in their employ


As the party members are on the verge of completing their quest they are ambushed or stopped.

If you want to add danger, a sense of shock or to expand from a basic plot into something a bit more.

The party has to fight their way out to complete their quest/mission. Giving them more rewards (loot from the bodies of the fallen) or a bonus from their patron. Or if their patron is betraying them then it’s time for renegotiations of the contract to take place.


Stealing the thingy, transporting the goods (that are actually not valuable or for sale at all) or apprehending the city watchmen disguised as a murderous thug are all ways that the patron is testing to see if they are suitable for a bigger task.

If you have ideas for a series of bigger quests revolving around a NPC or group then this could be a good way to start it off. A test that is disguised as a real mission/quest could lay the groundwork for future bigger or more dangerous work

Future work opens up and the party are trusted by the patron group further

Probably a good twist to open up a series of quests or “kick down the door” to bigger revelation or reward.

Hopefully the new layout helps in breaking up the twists we have at our disposal. Apart from the first two that focus around a specific NPC the other twists could be woven into any mission that it could be relevant to.

Twist it up

As with our Monday post, if you want to see a specific twist used in this week’s adventure lets see it below in a comment.

Don’t worry if it’s person specific or story specific as with all twists it shouldn’t be too hard to blend them together to throw in a curve ball. Like the idea of Jeremiha but want an escort quest – no worries, Jeremiha likes stealing stuff.

Like the idea of an escort gone wrong but want to be looking for something magical, Maybe the one goods that are on that convoy to be sold is particularly potent in magic.

So if you see one that you like, add in the tagline into a comment and we will add it to this week’s adventure – else, I will let the dice decide the twist for this week.

Twists, although fun, shouldn’t be over done. Some weeks it may be better to have no twists occur for the players and just let the plot and the players decisions speak for themselves. Not having a twist may keep the party on their toes more often than not.

Remember that the enjoyment of everyone in the session, Game Master, Player or even your observers is what is most important. If the rules or the structure of the adventure is getting in the way, scrap it or change it- move forward with what makes the party have the most enjoyment.

That’s it for today, and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Oh to Zel with you…

Today we are looking at the people of Zel – perhaps friends, employers or marks in the city for the party to meet.

Today’s tool is Artbreeder – a seemingly infinite source of character portraits if you have the patience in splicing images (automatically mind you) to get something that looks just right for the vision you have for that Non-player character.

Zel and it’s community.

James Sutherman


James is the relatively successful owner of James’s emporium – a place where you can find just about everything that you could need.

He is relatively quick to temper; his son Tim, seems to weather the brunt of it but he is also known to be generous and kind and is frequently seen giving hand-outs to those in need.

Tim Sutherman


Tim is a well liked member of the community. Much like his father, James Sutherman, he is well known for being kind and is first on the scene to helping out those in his community.

He has a keen knack for business, and those in the community know it’s him who keeps James’s Emporium running.

Madeline Yoke


Madi runs the local Refuge shelter giving people food, a place to stay; albeit temporarily, and organising them safe transportation if required out of Zel city.

She is known to be compassionate but ruthless, often never seen without a weapon on her. She is quick to judge but equally as quick to offer aid to those in need.

Jeremiha Roost


Jeremiha Roost has a bad track record. Known to show up at the right moment at the right time to intercept the good people of Zel.

Known to use violence to get what he wants, generally the cargo of those who he finds, he is as ruthless as he is cunning. Having out-foxed the local authorities he continues on his crime spree – his last heist of cargo left a merchant dead and his son missing an arm.

Kaitlyn ‘Lyn’


Lyn is the assistant, and well, really the face for the mysterious ‘X’.

Not much is known about Lyn’s past only that she has made a name for herself in Zel and that ‘X’ favours her above the rest of her assistants.

Brumblethatch Ispich


Brumblethatch Ispich, who insists on not having a nickname, is an eccentric provider of goods across Zel City.

He is known to be the first to source and sell the next big thing on the scene.

Whether it’s lizard-skin pants or new weaponry; that may or may not be safe, Brumblethatch is there selling it until it starts to really kick off. By that time he has moved onto the next big thing. Whether that is advisable or not he changes his produce seemingly at a whim

Samantha Higayle


Samantha ‘Sam’ Higayle is known to be a strong woman. That is to say that she has risen through the Zel city watch to be the captain of the watch through not only her force of personality, knack for thwarting incursions and attacks on the city but also for her strength of arm.

During her first mission, the escort that she was a part of came under attack and the caravan was flipped onto its side during the attack. As the attackers assailed her allies she singlehandedly flipped the caravan back onto it’s wheels. Then to buy her fellow watchmen time to escape she charged the front lines and separated the leaders head from its shoulders.

Jasmina Koy


‘Jas’ is quick on her feet, good at talking and seems to know everyone, well almost everyone.

Relatively new to the city of Zel, she seeks out new people to the city and offers them information in exchange for money…

The right amount of money will buy just about anything in Zel and Jas seems to know where to go for just about everything.

Theo Rosenhut


Theo seems to always get into trouble. Known for his extraordinary bad luck. Some believe he was touched by infernal magic when he was younger and that bad luck is drawn towards him.

Theo doesn’t seem to mind, he believes that anyone can overcome their luck if they just try hard enough. This mindset has seen Theo, and the residents of Zel city get into trouble more often than not.

Felicity Carsmile


Feli is the ‘owner’ of the local Inn. Usually strapped for money she generally exchanges rooms for the night for a favour (that will generally pay off in her favour in the long run).

Usually in debt, she seems to always be one or two months behind in payment which she pushes through with a smile and grit.

Thanks for joining me today to look at some of the NPCs that I created this week – I honesty got a bit carried away in using Artbreeder – it is too easy to try and find just the right blend of a character before a “child” of that character inspires ideas of a new NPC.

You may have noticed that this week I also included “02TuXX” tagged NPCs – this is really to emphasise that they are not tied to any one plot, map or encounter but can be used to just add life to the village, town or city. Anywhere really as I tried to keep most of them as generic as possible (except for a few of the plot/quest/mission driven ones.

Come back tomorrow for Twists, what will we think up for this week’s adventure that may cause the players a shocking moment of revelation, or push the story forward in a new or previously unseen way.

Stay safe, be kind to your players and…

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The Brazen Wolfe

Never a dull moment in Zel

Monday already. Time seems to be flying by. I guess that can’t be helped when the State (most of country) is in lockdown due to the pandemic. But enough on that.

This week I want to move across to one of the other TTRPGS that I love to play in as well as run. OpenLegend. Open legends is a free RPG system that has limitless customisation opportunities for those who want to play in its system. Creating a character, admittedly, does take some time but thats what happens if you customise you characters to this level of detail. I will explore this at the end of the week and maybe do a special serioes of posts for this week




The mission is simple: find out what’s stealing from my shop and I will reward you. You want more information come seek me out at James’s Emporium


Caravan Guard


Guard detachment wanted, transporting refugees to Jellfort. Seek out Madeline at Saint Joane’s Refuge for more information and to see if you are suitable for this mission.




I have heard rumours of a source of magic that has surfaced at a nearby settlement. I need it.

Please locate and speak to my assistant Kaitlyn to get more information and to prove your suitability for the task ahead.




Seeking an enthusiastic party to transport livestock from my warehouse to a buyer across the city.

Brumblethatch Ispich



Jeremiha Roost is wanted on the charges of murder, bring him back dead or alive to the local authorities to collet your reward.

Zel city Watch

Whats next…?

Let’s experiment this week onwards… If you like a particular quest above the others that are listed above leave a comment referring to the 02MoXxXx# (example 02MoEs2).

The quest with the most comments will be the one selected for this weeks adventure – if there is a tie.. I will let the dice decide the winnner.

Tried a different approach with this week’s Monday plot writeup.

The aim for this week is to have setting-neutral content that will work in any TTRPG that you play as well as modern, futuristic or Fantays settings.

I will have a larger writeup (or several) on OpenlegendRpg during the week as it truly is a RPG that I wish I played more of and I believe it deserves to get more attention.

Watch out in the coming days for the follow on pieces from today’s content, and as always.

Dont forget to roll with Advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe