Chaos brings the dark ones forth…

Fight night is here (Friday) and that means that we will look at a few encounters. Encounters, for me, doesn’t have to be sticking monsters with the sharp end of a sword they can also include puzzles, traps, social situations that require careful navigation or escaping from a mine in a mine cart down the various twists and turns before the roof collapses on you. Any of these situations is what can draw a group of players to the table and what makes them form an adventuring party.

With this week, following the theme of random I will draw to attention the DonJon PDF from yesterday (will linkt it again below to save you going back) as it has **a lot** of content in that PDF.

So there is some monsters to fight I will add in a few DnD 5e statblocks that I believe would be suitable in the maps provided. To compliment the stat block I will include some images of the models I kitbashed from some plastic kits (with wire and sculpting material) to try and represent what I was envisioning for the monster as well as a homebrew monster as part of a pseudo-boss encounter.

For the sake of encounter balancing I assume that we have a party of 4 level 3 characters.

Temple of the forgotten


Shadows of the forgotten.

When those that worship the dark come back their new forms are as black as the shadows that they served in life.

Got to be careful with shadows. They are generally pretty fail but overlooked creatures but they add a sense of danger to anyone who knows anything about them, or those who don’t on that matter.

To balance out this encounter lets look at the above photo that comes in around 1300 (325 per player) adjusted XP (thanks kobold fightclub) due to the nature of the creatures, their danger this is a hard encounter (where I like to aim). To add in some randomness or some non-undead monsters to fight let’s use a mixture of the below 4 blocks to flesh out the rest of the adventure as any and all of them could fit in the spaces envisioned.

These stat blocks will balance out to having 1 CR2 creature (Cultist Fanatic or Bandit Capitan) and between 2 and 7 of the Cr 1/8 creatures (Cultist or Bandits) to give us a hard rating. I would err on the side of 2~4 of the bandits as these are meant to be backing up the capitan. If you want a boss fight where there is a high chance of PC death (or that high risk) then consider a Cultist Fantatic as well as a Shadow Swarm that they just summoned. Thematically this could be the bodies of his slain allies in the room where he rips out their corrupted souls from their dying bodies if you want the adventure to be dark.

File to download Temple of the forgotten PDF.

Stat blocks are thanks to Tetra-Cube which has an extensive list of DnD5e statblocks (SRD as well as not..) and Kobold fight club also has provided the balancing tools. Check them out to make your game-night a bit easier.

As with the current theme it’s looking for ideas to make things a bit easier. With the exception of the shadows (and the bigger version of them) all of these creatures can be re-branded and skinned to be wyvern hunters, corrupt priests of traders and city guards.

As always, thanks for joining me to have a read through another fight-night and I don’t forget to make things a bit of fun!