What’s hidden under our feet…

Thursday already and with it comes maps. Today following the theme of the week we have a look at random generated dungeons, crypts or cellars. Both of these maps were generated using web browser applications and have pros and cons to them.

Without talking too much more let’s have a look at what we are working with today.

The temple of the forgotten


Perhaps high up in the mountains, or maybe underneath an new building lies a maze of old masonry and mystery. The Temple of the forgotten was generated in donjon and tailored (traps, complexity, etc.) with 4 level 3 party members in mind. However the layout and theme could also be used quite easily as any dungeon or crypt and the ability to download it as a friendly self contained HTML file OR as a PDF is a big win.

Files for download

Den of the Cabal


A hidden trap door, or secret passage way can hide a lot of things. Whether the crafted corridors and rooms are host to dark and vile acts or they are used by the innocent to seek shelter from the dangers above ground, hidden structures like this provide adventure and exploration for a dungeon master and their players.

Created in DunGen this doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles but does produce visually simple yet appealing maps for those wanting to add something a bit more to their game sessions.

Den of the Cabal – Top level. Created in https://dungen.app/dungen/

Den of the Cabal – Lower level. Created in https://dungen.app/dungen/

Files for download

Both the Dungen app and Donjon are useful tools for those who want a quick nofuss map for their adveture. There are other generators out there and some of which can provide you with encounters as well as a plot hook for the adventure ahead however if I had to pick a favourite used today I can’t look past DonJon. I have used them for reference materials for a number of years and looking at their dungeon creator it’s really a wonderful tool that could save hours of drawing and calculating.

Or use either of these generators and add things in yourself. Treat the as a shell to hold your creative yolk inside until it’s ready to hatch. What ever the tool a map, on the table, or hidden behind the fog of war on the virtual tabletop can really bring a spark of joy and enjoyment to your players.

Don’t forget the weekend is approaching and with it comes, for most of us, the best times to sit down infront of a screen or a table and to play tabletop games. Have fun out there and as always..

Don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe