You meet along the roads most traveled…

Tuesday has come and will shortly go, but as the end of the day draws near it gives the opportunity be to look at some NPCs that our party may meet while traveling on the road, round the campfire or in a tavern.

Today let’s look at some versatile NPCs that could become common features in your future sessions.

Traveling Companions

Sister Bella Moonladen


A young half-elven woman of perhaps 20. She would be considered pretty by most who could see her long brown hair and green-hazel eyes. Most of the time she wears robes that mark her a priestess of Chauntea.

She is quick to offer aid and is free giving of the blessings her deity provides her to heal and bless those in need.

Until recently she was at a temple to Chauntea, but the death of her mother has brought her home and she is currently travelling with her Father, Brok, who she has not spoken to in over a decade.

Despite her fall out with her Father she still looks for the good and light in all creatures, much like her mother did, and as such she is slow to cast judgement and has gotten into trouble before where her trust in good was misplaced.

Brok Mason


Brok is a rugged, but handsome, half-elven male of around 50. He has a fine layer of stubble, large amounts of muscle and short cut black hair that is yet to see that caress of grey that human males of his age tend to show

Brok is slow trusting of people. Putting his faith in hard work, animals (like his dog and horse) and gold.

Once a well respected silk merchant in Lillydale he suddenly sold his shop and took to a darker business path, the movement and smuggling of people in who need to leave without a trace. This change in business venture caused his humans wife and his daughter to leave him.

What his wife and daughter didn’t know is the sale of his shop and pursuit of new employment was a deal made to prevent bankruptcy and his family becoming homeless.

Quick to judge and see the flaws in most people, Brok doesn’t make friends with many people, let alone clients as gold is worth more to him than the bonds formed between people.

Eloras Nightwalker


Eloras is a drow who spends most of his time traveling the darker paths of the world. He is tall even for an elf with dark purple hued skin and silver hair that is normally tired in a top knot.

Rarely seen, and when he is it’s only when he wants you to, Eloras is an stalker of beasts and people. Rarely hostile but not afraid to apply leverage when requesting a print of one’s meal, supplies or goods.

Eloras like most male drow was born into a family which s brutally ruled by the female family members. After his house feel into poor favour with the high priestess of Lloth how family moved closer to the surface and this led to his family being the target of a red dragons bad mood. He now hunts beasts on the surface to earn favour with his people so he can return to the dark.



Sincerity, or Sin in other circles, is a female Tiefling of around 30 or so. She is just shy of 5’2″ (157cms) with a curvey figure and long raven black hair that is occasionally tired back in a pony tail whens she starts to conduct serious business.

Sincerity is a merchant by trade and a damn good one at that. Able to source just about anything given enough time, she has quickly given herself a name in the towns and cities she prowls. Not only that but she has an almost supernatural ability to broker trade between people’s and before they knew they even wanted something she had already sourced it and delivered it to them for a ‘competitive fee’.

Not much of her past is known except she was the only adopted (?) Daughter of a sage who taught get linguistics and business very early on in her youth.

Some rumours have said that she is the product of a one night fling between her sage father and something summoned by him to grant him knowledge. Others say that her father was lonely and merely happened to help an old friend when they couldn’t look after Sincerity.

What ever the reason many people who cried metaphorical, or not, swords with Sincerity end up in a worse state than they were in before.

Thanks for joining me today to look at some NPCs. By not having then tied down, or giving them flexibility to run into players anywhere along their journey, with a valid feeling reason, makes them ideal for oneshots.

Come back again tomorrow for twists where we try to anticipate what our players could throw at us to bring their party onto the journey hook, line and sinker. Don’t forget that if you see a particular NPC you just have to use let us know how it went. NPCs are what we make of them and they all to the world something that our players will remember for as long time.

If you do comment, don’t forget to mention where you are from, what RPG systems you play with and what brought you here.. Oh and don’t forget to roll with Advantage!
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