To Hunt the Cockatrice…

This week is effectively my week off so I will be posting the bones of an adventure that I hope people will be able to incorporate and in use for an adventure as soon as this weekend.

Monday is here and that brings us a new plot and hook for our players to get excited for the adventure!

Caravan image created and all credit to Irate_Astartes

You’d be surprised what they sell these days…

The merchant caravan, whether travelling from place to place or set up as a semi-permanent shop, is a staple of many adventures. Normally they are things to escort, things to meet at, things to purchase goods from or ab place to come back later when the owner is away and steal that shiny dagger…

What ever you use them for this week we are starting at a caravan.

The gift of immortality


The party, as they enter the town, returning from their latest adventure, are approached by a well dressed man who carries himself as one would with years of experience and training, seeming to blend in with the crowd as water moves amongst rocks.

The man ushers the party into a carriage that looks to be extremely well made with plush fabric covered seats and exotic furs to add that little bit more lushness to the experience. The carriage is large enough to seat 8, impeccably clean and feels overall quite expensive. A little basin with little dish of water is placed before the party by the carriage footman. The mysterious man, who calls himself Y, quite confusing really, produces a small palm sized crystal that glows with a purple light and places it in the basin.

A ladies voice, muffled by magic or something mundane, speaks from the crystal and from the tone and language used they party can tell that she owns the carriage and probably much much more.

The owner of the voice offers the party a job, go to a gypsy camp in the Hollow desert and retrieve an artefact called the Shruiabe Coin and bring it back to Y. The party as compensation would receive 1,000 gp each for their discretion and the artefact and a bonus will be provided to them if the artefact is the genuine thing and does what it is rumoured to do so. The party is to wait at the Mulberry and Cake inn within the city for their full compensation upon their return. If the party accept then Y would produce a map that indicates the known reported locations of the gypsy camp and a sum of 350gp to get provisions for the journey as the Hollow desert is not a forgiving place.

The Gypsy Camp

After a few days, and trying a few previously known locations the party arrives at the gypsy camp. The past few days have been rough as the denizens of the desert are numerous and hostile. Making their n way through the camp they ask about the artefact and are pointed towards a colourful tent with wars and goods for sale. A tanned Moon elf resides as owner of the caravan-come-stall and had the artefact with her, supposedly, but she has a request for the party, an exchange for the artefact. She needs four Cockatrice eggs and knows where to get them, supposedly, but she is curious why the party is after such a cursed artefact…

Thanks for joining me for a new week, I plan on going into a little more detail with this weeks content as there is less variation in the options available.

I hope you like the plot for this week as I and excited to write it out this week.

As always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe