The Witch of the desert…

Well Tuesday has come around and I plan on keeping to the initial thought of having this week simple, short and sweet I have a single NPC to bring you today.

The image was created in, you guessed it, art breeder but this time through my phone browser. Despite the sliders being hard to manager with a thumb, and scrolling to get to the desired one being nothing short of a headache it worked reasonably well, no issues in quality of limits in what it can or can’t do and I am happy with the results.

Kelsei, witch and survivor

Kelsei Whispersong


Kelsei Whispersong is a moonelf trader who travels with the various traders and gypsies in the Hollow Desert. She is just over 5 feet tall, a little chubby but sharp as a tack. Nothing escapes her notice and thats how she has survived so long in the desert with the gypsies that seem to travel with the change in the sands.

Kelsei knows what it takes to survive and if you ask around about her she does just that. Knowing a good thing when she sees it she is quick to make them best of good situations and she always seems to make it out on top. However she has just as quickly to know a bad thing and when to cut her losses (or avoid them altogether) and walk away.

Kelsei came from a extended family that had become oddly complacent with staying in one place. When the wanderlust overcame Kelsei, youngest daughter of 3 children, her parents and the head of the family thought that something had come over her. Fearful that a curse had overcome her they sent for a priest to purge the evil. Unfortunately they invited into their household the very evil evil they sought to purge.

After several months of living with them the priest had the ear and trust of all the heads of the family except for Kelsei’s parents who felt a darkness in the man’s soul. Giving Kelsei the key to the family’s treasure room they told her to take anything she could carry or wanted to have so that it couldn’t be used as part of the priests plans, which seemed to involve sparking a war with a friendly village of halflings, gnomes and humans. Among other trinkets was an artefact known as the Shruiabe Coin. Having taken the most powerful artefacts get parents bid her farewell and sent her away, casting several spells to assist I’m her escape.

When she returned years later, having hidden the most powerful of artefacts, she found her family home deserted and all history of her people gone.

Having travelled for a few decades she had picked up a thing or two about tacking and locating people or objects so she searched for answers to what happened to get family. After a week she found that the village who the priest was promoting a war with had a tale of an elven war party that had been beaten back by a handful of villagers and their farm tools. Curious she sought more info and was rewarded with a meeting with one of the father’s who fought the elves.

Vlaston was a man, ancient by human standards but his mind was still sharp and he could recall details of the encounters. A stranger disguised as a priest had come to then a few days before the attack and had warned them. He proved magical blessings on the farmers to make them stronger and faster than an elf. His only request was a single golden coin taken from the battlefield, the coin would have runes and etchings around the rim of it. The villagers found no coin and assumed it was on one of the elves that fled.

Kelsei spent the next few years tracking down the elves that fled but had found that all of them had settled in civilised villages and towns but had mysteriously died when their home was broken into, ransacked but with nothing stolen. The only elves, or traces of elves she didn’t manage to find were of her parents.

When she found the last of the elves that escaped she stood before her older sister who looked like a old human woman, her elven youth and long life appearing to have vanished. Talking to her sister she found out that her parent’s had died defending her, and her younger brother (Kelsies older brother) when a man who looked like priest had finally tracked them down and tried to take the Shruiabe Coin from them, when he found out that the coin was not with them he cast a spell that ripped their elven long life away from them and that’s when her parents attacked and mortally wounded the man. The man stumbled out of the house and disappeared into the crowd, a black ichor like blood dotting his path through the street. Her parents and older brother (who dealt the man the wound) died shortly after from the fights but asked her to try and find Kelsei to let her know to hide the coin away until someone worthy asks for it.

Thanks for joining me today and looking through some background for who Kelsei is and some information at what the artefact the party is after this week.

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