As volatile as the sands of time…

Wednesday and we have two official twists fort or adventure. One altering ,(or explaining) the nature of the coin and the other introducing a left hook to mix up the partysb quest where their employer, or one in under her employ, is not who they seem.

Tomorrow night if maps and I hope to explore a tool mentioned in the weekend and maybe a few pre-planned battlefields for the party. So make sure to join me tomorrow for that!

The Shruiabe Coin

The centre of the adventure must hold some mystery so lets look at what lies in wait for those who seek the Shruiabe Coin.


The coin itself is said to grant its owner a measure of immortality. They will not age not will suffer the I’ll affects of old age. Their age will effectively be frozen in time from the point of acquiring the artefact and until it leaves their possession

What isn’t advertised is that in those with a weak will who have tasted the artefacts power are driven to seek the coin as their waking thoughts and motives become consumed neither in the thought of once again holding the coin and feeling it’s cold metal on their skin. They are also driven to feed on the life force of others as a way of sustaining their even more apparent life force.

It is whispered in the occult circles that the use of the Shruiabe Coin is what gave birth to the first vampires but nothing has been proven, yet.

The Whispersong family of elves is said to have been surprisingly resistant to the negative and positive energy of the coin and their ancestors were entrusted to watch over the coin and make sure that no one with ill will would come in contact with it.

If coin does unnaturally extend the life of the owner the party may find themselves unwilling to retrieve the coin from Kelsei or part from it once they have it. Either for their own benefit or to prevent others from using it.


Long had the priest waited for their chance at the artefact again. Several bodies he had inhabited using dark rituals but this time he.. she.. it believed that they were in a position to finally retrieve the coin.

Either a servant of or the lady who hired the party to go after the artefact the priest is now closed to obtaining the coin, if the party delivers their end of the deal.

Once/if the priest gets the artefact perhaps they just disappear with it to live in out a solitary life of immortality, or perhaps the dark powers at play that have sponsored the priests powers for so long have tired of his/her schemes and the coin is the price of his/her freedom from the dark.

What ever the reason the presence of the priest should be hidden for as long as possible, even Kelsei shouldn’t reveal the true nature or the parties employer and it can be a puzzle and/or encounter for them to deal with.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at some of the changes it twists we can make. The alternatives are simple. The coin doesn’t work or work exactly as it was foretold and the lady hiring the party is a collector of oddities and whether using the coin for a longer life, or just to own a priceless artefact, she is innocent. But where is the fun in that?

Not all adventures need twists but having something that changes they players view our understanding can enhance their in experience in the game so it is a valuable ingredient to add to the mix

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