In the desert winds…

Friday night is here and that means fight night! We have a selection of a couple stat blocks, a return of a versatile favourite and one, that the adventure mentions heavily, that I will include in this weekends write-up. Thanks for joining me for the 8th week of writing adventures for Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and without any more dribble from me let’s roll some dice.

Hollow desert scorpion


Hollow desert scorpion is a smaller variation of the giant scorpion found in other parts of the world. It normally lives in small swarms of 2 to 4 which makes them deadly for a party of unprepared adventures.

The scorpions are drawn to light and heat, finding that most of its prey emit one of both of these qualities and in the dark cold nights in the Hollow Desert easy food is a rare occurrence.

This encounter we are looking at a night time ambush, maybe as the party are cooking their meal or around the campfire for warmth the scorpions would attack. They are not brilliant at tactics and are likely to attack the things closest to them (on the edges of the camp fire light) but they would they and grapple and sting multiple times as they drag their prey into the darkness.

Ambush on the road – Blue Dragon Wyrmling


Blue dragons are desert manipulators. Able to burrow and hide in sand they will manipulate adventures and make them get lost, fall for mirages or even drink copious amounts of sand.

The blue dragons have a strong hierarchy. In this case the higher up dragons sent out the wyrmling to push the party away from their nest. Using hallucinations to push them away and then attacking if need be. it will flee if hurt.

The last encounter I would want to talk about for the night is bandits. Love me some bandits. Any race, any settings any adventure can have bandits and they flesh out the narrative with a delay tactic. They also may provide some. Loot which for some reasons players can’t get enough of.

That will do it for tonight, over the weekend I will wrap it all up together in one neat adventure and we will see what the final product is. Don’t forget to tune in then and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage.

The Brazen Wolfe