The Hollow Desert

Thursday is here and with it comes a few maps. Utilising Azgaars Fantasy map generator again with exploring what we can do with adding a few options on the layers and even importing symbols and labels to customise what was generated. You can also alter some of the boundaries that were spawned for lakes, rivers and oceans.

As with the rest of this week I am trying to keep it rather simple. So I have a overworld map for the continent we have available to us to reference for the players that talks about empires in play – the current main focus is for Biome so we can see where the hot desert is (The Hollow Desert) but you can adjust it to suit your needs. Without talking too much about the tool of the week let’s get into it.

Continent Map


Continent map – The Hollow Desert is positioned to the south of the Continent and touches the coast and the lake within the Khizdumese Theocracy.

The Hollow Desert


The three marked or last known camps where Kelsei may be at any one point. The idea behind these three camps is that the party needs to visit all three camps before they find the right one. This has an opportunity for a day of travel across the desert and encounters as they are travelling from place to place. I would have One encounter during travel and one at night the day after when the party are getting ready to rest for the night.

Encounter map – dried river bed


One of the reason that the gypsies would have left this camp would have been that the water had dried up. The other is what attacks them at night. The inspiration for this map (will link credits to artist below as always!) is a bunch of desert dwelling creatures that attack in the middle of the night – drawn to the food and supplies that the party brings.

Credits to image go to g0dxmode which you can find some of their content here on redit

That’s all we have for tonight. If you do like the maps that have been used have a look at Azgaars Fantasy Map Generator. If you like the maps found online have a look at the artists and do support them if you can, a lot of these maps are free use but the artists skills in producing these can not be contested.

Come back tomorrow night to have a look at the creatures that live within the sands. Bonus points to the people who know the movie scene where I get one of the encounters from.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to have a look at what we have for the close of the week and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe