Beneath the waves… Part 1

Well the weekend is here and realising that the story I have for this adventure will probably span 3 to 4 long sessions let’s say this is part 1 and see if we continue the adventure next week and the weeks after.

This week our party has encountered a race of sea dwelling elves that have started to raid the costal houses, communities and cities near Arciryas. After the party were attacked by such raiders they found that the people of the coast were far less fortunate and it appeared some dark magic was in place where the victims looked to have their spirits removed from their bodies.

So without further waffle from me lets get into it, this weeks end of week writeup will perhaps temporarily revert back to the format from a few weeks back (as trying to turn it into a story ends up being a copy-paste exercise from Monday-Friday). Although Please do let me know if this format is still useful to run games or inspire that creative spark!

Sea bound Raiders


The scene: The party on their way into the city of Arciryas camped next to the beach as the city and its roads were famous for being the safest in the land – however nothing is safe for our parties.

At night they are attacked by 5 lightly armoured assailants who attack swiftly and with a grisly determination. The moment one of the attackers dies the other assailants flee leaving the body of their comrade who appears to be an elf with gills, webbed hands and feet and a thin later of scales on their body. (this is between 4 and 5 ‘Tide Warriors’ – 11FrWa ). On the morning though, regardless of how much the party watch for it the body of the fallen sea-elf has disappeared and the marks of a un-ordinarily high tide can be seen up near their camp and where the body was.

(11TuRCt + 11TuBt) When the Party then head to the town where they perhaps run into Rafnir Coral-Tusk, a fisherman come retired soldier who is on his way to see Sir Blake Trevally, his old companion and sergeant. Rafnir and Blake both exchange information, revealing the severed limb of one of the sea elves – who the party can confirm the identify of with the attackers from the night before.

Blake advises both the party and Rafnir that Petrel, a wizard who used to be at court before he sent himself into exile after preaching mad theories and farfetched fantasies, had been requested to investigate a way to safely patrol the waters itself without the use of boats so they could better safeguard the people of Arciryas. However his finding was a few days over due and the men he sent to go and check in on the old eccentric wizard had seemingly disappeared as well. The wizard was about 5 hours ride down the road to the north, or about a days travel by foot if you don’t push yourself or the animals too hard. Blake askes his old friend to check in on the patrols whilst asking the party to go check in on the old wizard and make sure he and the other exiles in their little commune were safe.

After the party leave the keep Blake requests his page, Shelford, to send word to call back the navy and stop patrols on the roads. He wanted more people in the city and its waters to protect his watery boarder.

The ships however were slowly being infiltrated and taken over by some of the more lethal warriors of the sea elves (11WeBP) the full affect of which was yet to be known or seen.

As the party leave the town Rafnir travels with them for a few hours before branching off on another path on the road. Looking down upon the town strange flashes of light, definitely arcane, flash occasionally from a large two storied building at the far end of the little gathering of houses which was built at the top of a tall hill. The collection of houses all seem to have been gathered near a well and the wind that comes up the crest the party stand on is visibly catching the doors of some of the closer houses.

The Community near Arciryas – A reference drawing to help me set the scene for the players

As the party enter the commune they can’t help but notice how quiet it is and as they draw closer to the houses they can see that the occupants were killed one or two nights ago. (11ThMa1) As they continue through the village they hear shouting from the house up the will, a loud cranky voice carried upon the winds down to the travellers down the hill from the house.

As they meet and greet Pestrel he explains how he has been attacked for the last few night but held them off for now – but he is running out of his ability to control his more powerful spells and needs to rest. When the party enquire about Sir Trevally’s request the old man explains he hasn’t been able to finish it while he is being attacked and fears that tonight is the last night for him.

That night, a few hours to rest and prepare, the party start to see figures approach the shore from the Large monolith of stone aptly named “Long Tooth” based on its size and shape. At first three lightly armoured warriors, much like the ones that the party fought the previous night, attacked, they were then quickly joined (2 rounds after) by another four warriors (round 3), then another three as a third wave of attackers (round 4). Then a more heavily armed warrior approached (round 6) who fought with a significantly higher level of prowess and skill than the warriors beforehand.

~(9 Tide warriors then a Sea-elf Gladiator, 11FrWA) ~

As the fight wages on a large cloud comes in from the sea, the wind batters the coast line and a rhythming thumping of a drum can be heard on the breeze.

~After the party are finished with the fight they have a few hours before the tide will be too tall to cross without a boat.~

If the party cross the water they will encounter 2 Giant shark and 4 shoal rays as they try and cross to the Long Tooth rock (11FrSs)

Once they make it to the rock they have to climb (slippery) up its surface to make it into the caves within. Here they find a lit interior with torches in every level and a rope ladder going up and down (most floors).

Entry – Level 2

Level 2 – Made in roll20

As the party enter the tooth they can see a series of passage ways that are narrow enough for 1 creature to be in comfortably. In this first entry level there is three guards (see below for stat-block) who attack on sight. If they see the party first they will sound hte alarm (roll d20. on a 15 the other guards (level 1 and level 3) will come to assist.

Waterway – level 1.

Level 1 – water way.

Thee guards stand guard the Water entrance landing. They would be hiding just beneath the surface of the water. The walkable land here is about 15ft by 10ft at its widest points.

The Climb – Level 3

Level 3 – 1 up from the entrance level

The guards here would be sleeping, unless alerted by the parties previous encounters. Each torch is roughly where I would have a sleeping guard.

The peak – Level 4

The peak – 2 up from entry area

The drumming rhythm is coming from this room. The party peering around the corner would be buffeted by a strong wind that is strong enough to push away all but the most accurate of arrows (half cover for everyone in the room from ranged attacks) and gas clouds are instantly dispersed. This affect will continue until the govern is broken (2 coven members or the Sea Witch dies)

The sea witch will have 8 guards in the room, herself and three other Tide Warriors who take no actions but kneel before the sea witch.

After/if the sea witch is defeated the wind ceases and the weather returns to normal outside, slowly. The tide eventually disappearing.

Returning the party find out that Pestrel has finished his experiment and has created a series of potions, one will give you the ability to breathe underwater until you take the second potion that will remove your ability to breath under water.

Returning to Blake he reports that his fleet will be back in a few days and that they should prepare for more attacks each night

Small disclaimer.. some of the creatures wont have amphibious – assume they all do (been a long few days).

Thanks for joining again, if you prefer this manner of write up please let me know as it’s otherwise a lot of duplicate typing if I am using Monday-Friday topics to create the weekend write-up.

Don’t forget to let me know how the adventure goes, I believe I have another 2 adventures here in Arciryas so stay tuned for them in the coming weeks. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe