Dice-ember prologue

Welcome to this special edition of the Monday writeup, this week I have a short snappy peak at what Dice-ember will bring you for the next few weeks.

This will be a bit of a large project and with work not slowing down, life ramping up (December is never quiet here in the Brazen Wolfe den) and an overly ambitious project I want to do over the next month I hope that I can make it. But I didn’t think I would be writing nightly for 3 months straight and yet here we are.

The creaking wood was the only indication of the load the eight wheeled wagon. Its driver looked wearily at the eyes behind half closed doors and window shutters who stared at the heavy wooden vehicle as it moved without beast of burden to pull it down the street. As the broad steel-clad wheels rolled over the bluestone pavement the clack-clack-clack echoed down the empty streets as it did every time he took his wagon on its pilgrimage.

“Easy now Nicki, no need to think this time is any different to the past hundred.” the driver muttered to himself as he approached a narrow bridge that crossed above the road he was on. Whistling once, as quiet as a whistle could be a stunted green body slunk up to sit just behind Nicki. “What is it master? You called?” The green form of a frail, old goblin asked, his words laden with spit from his nearly toothless mouth.

“get your misses and get into the wagon from the hatch. Don’t let anyone see you but I have a odd feeling about his run Humph. Keep and eye on the goods and don’t open up unless it’s me.” Nicki said as he drew the wayward branch, a slender wand that had the word gave off feelings of discontent to any who gazed at is dark wood.

Without a word Humph skittered over the top of the wagon and muttered to another goblin that was perched at the back of the wagon before they both disappeared over the side and under the wagon. Nicki looked to the few people staring at his wagon who perched on the edge of the bridge.

“Nothing to see here boys n’ girls. Move a long lest you get on my bad side” he called out, the children climbed over the ledge and safely back onto the bridge before running giggling and carrying on.

Every time was the same, he would pass the bridge then roll out of the town. Having a magic wagon that moved without need for beasts or people to pull it was novelty enough, but the wagon itself wasn’t what he was worried about. He had a schedule to keep to and if he didn’t get his wagon and it’s contents through the city safely there would be no time for niceties.

“There he is,” the shadowy figure said as they watched the heavy magic wagon move slowly towards the bridge. “Come one lets go now!” said the eager cloaked figure.

“Hold it, you know the plan. Wait for the signal, create a distraction then join up with the others on the other side of the bridge” a second non-cloaked figure said has he held a basket of apples.

“Ahh don’t let him get you!” called a child from on top of the bridge. Knowing that to be the signal the man in the cloak pushed his co-conspirator in the chest, who dropped the basket of apples (more threw them) as they rolled towards the cart. “Oi watch it mate! My Apples!” called the un cloaked man as he ran forward picking up a few apples and putting them in into the basket but always moving forward towards the wagon.

Stopping Nicki watched the man approach the wagon, his hand tightening on the wand in his hand. “Hail stranger, you seem to have a bit of a problem there friend.” Nicki said, quickly glancing the man over and determining that he held no weapons or objects that could do him harm. Jumping down he started to pick up the apples and hand them to the man.

“Thank ye sir, it’s not often you get such a nice fellow this far up north” he totally-not-a-apple-seller said.

“You just caught me on a god day I assure you my friend. Do be careful with your wares next time ” Nicki said as he went to jump back on the Wagon.

“Sir, do take some for the road. I have plenty and I really do appreciate your help” the man said with a grin as he held out three apples to Nicki.

Smiling Nicki took them, throwing the most bruised two into the wagon for Humph and Missy through a window that was too small for anything other than a purse or in this case apples. “Thanks Stranger.” He said as he jumped onto the wagon and pressed onwards through the bridge. Maybe he was wrong, he just had been doing this trip for too long and had grown paranoid.

Meanwhile a halfling held her magical cloak down tightly as she lay flat on the roof of the wagon. She hoped the merchant was right and that the outside of the cloak would make it look like the roof was flat and that her presence was completely masked. Hearing two apples hit the ground inside the wagon she smiled. Her plan was going just as planned.

Well there we have it – a bit of an obvious teaser for tonight’s writeup. Come back tomorrow night to have a look at the next step of this months content and thanks for joining me for the 1st day of Dice-ember!

Also a big thanks to everyone who has subscribed or followed to this little blog of mine, I don’t mean to sound sappy but it means a lot to know that there are people out there who are interested in the random, or sometimes calculated, thoughts that I put to keyboard (and paper…) So thanks to you all, you all can have a point of inspiration.

Don’t forget… You make your own advantage, don’t hesitate to cash in on that pool of goodness when feel like you need a little bit extra on any one day. Oh, yeah, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe