Dice-ember prelude…?

Last day of November and that brings us to what I have planned for the season of Dice-ember! So tonight I will give a taste of what I hope to bring for the next few weeks as leadup to the holiday season, which is 31 days of content including Adventure Hooks, NPCs, Maps, ideas for twists, Homebrew Creatures and encounters as well as, homebrew magic items.

Now I am not the best judge of balance and power when it comes to magical items and I will have a suggestion on there on its rarity, use, cost, etc. but as the DM/GM feel free to tweak it or modify the rarity so that it suits your purpose.

So a taste!

The Cloak of Lesser False Appearance


As Albazahr looked into the demi-plane he had created for his experiments he looked on with keen interest as one of his apprentices, for he had many, was attempting to clean out the remains of the last creature that was fed to the beasts.

He had, of course, reassured the young aspiring wizard that the room was completely safe and that the beasts had been put away to ensure the enclosure within his demi-plane could be cleaned, but who is to say that all of the creatures that dwell in his forest of false appearance could be accounted for. As he watched intently, taking notes with a quill made from a griffon with golden plumage, he noticed that a bush was hastily moving away from the boy and stopped abruptly in a patch of bushes, its ability to give the false appearance of it being a bundle of twigs or a bush was remarkable, almost as much as the three goblins sized mushrooms that fled from the bush suddenly bursting into there they had chosen to remain stationary and give off their own false appearance.

The Shrieker’s kept to the shadows of a rocky overhang where the boy was scooping up the remains of a dire wolf he had put in there to test the ability of the other creatures to be indistinguishable from other the plant, rock formation or statue that they were so often confused with.

A shadow passed over the boy which spooked him, just as he ran away from the rocky face just as a stalactite dropped to the ground and started to wriggle around, the pierces ability to mimic the rocky formations on the roof of a cavern was utterly amazing to Albazahr. As the boy ran and screamed many other creatures spooked and scattered, the plants, dead bushes, mushrooms and even some rocks moved away from the source of the noise as the boy ran towards the exit, a small magical door built into a edge edge of this micro demi plane that the wizard had constructed. As the boy through himself through the doorway the shadow, now apparently a gargoyle swooped and narrowly missed the boy. As the stone-like beast flew up to perch near the top of the rocky area in Albazahrs demi-plane the entire area went still as the creatures lurking within became something else, at least to the eye.

The boys panting and constant dabbing at his sweaty forehead with the edge of his cloak gave the wizard an idea.

“Curious creatures aren’t they. Apologies dear boy I thought that they had all been contained.” Albazahr said turning to Wulfrik, his apprentice. “Take this down when you are quite done wasting time. The creatures ability to give off a false appearance seems to be not just a defence mechanism but a means to attack as well. Once stationary they are indistinguishable from their surroundings but given enough time their true nature is revealed. Note to self,” Albazahr muttered as he tapped a long fingernail on his chin. “Make a cloak from the hides, skins and parts of these creatures with the intention to have the wearer don a false appearance of their own. The profits,” he scrawled out some glowing glyphs in the air before nodding satisfactorily, “yes, the profits from the sale of these cloaks will fun operations near Waterdeep and Neverwinter for at least another year. Come now Wulfrik, we have much work to do.” he barked as he strode off, the magical seals snapping shut a few moments after he passed which caused the exhausted and panting boy to run after his master so he would not be trapped in the demi-plane again..

So that’s what we have for tonight. A curious, eccentric and entirely too powerful wizard, his apprentice and the development of a magical cloak that we may have already seen a glimpse of.

As the days go on do stay tuned for more magical items, fearsome beasts or eccentric characters that we can use in the adventures ahead. Don’t forget if you use something or gain inspiration from something I produce please feel free to leave a comment and tell us how it went! Cloaks are meant to be worn and who best suited to test out these magical creations than your players.

And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe