Dice-ember day 15

Welcome to Dice-ember day 15. Today we are looking at our little friend Sparrow and giving it some stats so we can incorporate it in the game.

Something like a Raptor (the D&D stat block version not the ones from Jurassic park) the Deinonychus is a small feathered dinosaur that was built for life amongst the trees. Preying on smaller animals and insects it was an expert at locating and ambushing prey.



For our dear Sparrow that means that these traits are represented by the ability to climb and glide and a high perception with having proficiency and advantage on perception checks. Its natural high dexterity also lends itself well to stealth and the ability to sneak up, locate its prey and plan on how to best approach it.

When it comes to Sparrow, being captured in a jungle on a recently found island (perhaps not Chult) and being rescued, looked after and trained by Grant, our guardsmen on the case of the wagon heist, Sparrow has learnt how to put his skills and senses to good use being able to locate what Grant needs and access places that a human may not be able to.

Being a dinosaur, well the equivalent in the forgotten realms, Sparrow feels the cold and would much prefer being curled up in Grants hood, or under something that can provide its small scaled body some form of warmth. However being feathered means that it can survive the cold better than some of its cousins Sparrow is just a little sensitive to the cold in comparison.

That’s all for today, something relatively short but hopefully something that will add a bit more to the month of Dice-ember and what I have prepared for this season of giving.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Dice-ember content and if you end up using this little feathered friend in a campaign of your own please do let me know!

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe