Captain of the Red fleet.

Tuesday has come yoo quickly and like a few Australians the return to work has not been an easy transition from holiday mode to work mode. But I can say that the return to a normal rhythm is definitely appreciated and has helped refocus my attention on what I need it to focus on. Building and exploring my craft.

Now today being Tuesday we are here to look at NPCs so lets kick off with two that I hope you will find interesting enough to weave into your own adventure’s.

Kyoko Harimasu & Hurane

201TuKyHa & 201TuHu

Kyoko sighed as she looked across the table as the two men from the Daye city watch left her cabin through the ornamently carved door. She had anticipated some resistance at first but being openly welcomed then having the proverbial doors slammed in her face was not expected.

“what do we do captain?” Hurane asked, his masked face distorting his normally smooth voice. “We came here to trade and establish new trade routes for the betterment of our people. If we can’t do that then we must find somewhere else.” He said with genuine concern.

Pressing her index fingers to her temples she pondered her next action. The city guard had come just after noon and placed restrictions and curfews on her people leaving the ships within an hour of dusk and dawn which is when many people are out and about on the streets wanting to experience new sights and delights. The curfew would not just make it hard to do business it would nearly make them staying herr impossible. Looking over the papers that were left here, reports of sightings of figures in the night and items being moved or disappeared it sounded like the guards were accusing one of her people of being the culprit.

“find out what you can from our troupe. If we are responsible we will deal with it and clear our name. If we can’t handle this we will be left with no choice but to leave and I dont think we can afford another endeavour like this again” Kyoko said looking through the papers again. Hurane saluted to her and went to leave the cabin to begin his questioning. “And Hurane, if no one talks, let’s get the Lotus involved, we can’t fail here.”

As Hurane left Kyoko sat back on her chair and had a look over the occurances. It wasn’t just reports of a thief, it looked to be searching for something specific based on the reports. Maybe it wasn’t a person but a thing. She looked at the book her father had left her that contained stories of warriors from this continent that visited her home land years ago. Warriors that defied the Oni and fought against the spirits in the swamp to free entire villages. Perhaps she could find such warriors in their home land, maybe a party of adventurers is what she needs.

Ok so starting off a bit slow this week but so far I’m liking the direction that we are going with so far.

Come back tomorrow to look at secondary hooks and twists as well as to get more insight in whats happening at Daye. Don’t forget to let me know if you like what you read and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

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