Silent as the grave

Welcome to Friday (also known as fight night) what we look the encounter for the week whether it is combat, puzzle or a social encounter.

This week we fins ourselves in a snow covered graveyard, or on the road to such a place, where the party are ambushed by a group of creatures led by something hopefully the players will remember, perhaps not fondly though.

Howls amongst the gravestones


Walking towards where Paul was thought to be working the party could find signs that he was there and in the fresh snow they may also find footprints indicating that he was dragged from where he fell.

There would also be paw prints following from where he was injured and dragged. A total of 6 sets of smaller prints and then a larger set of prints. A dc13 survival check would identify the smaller prints as wolves and a dc15 check (same check different info based on what the character rolled) would identify the prints as a dire wolf, but something was wrong with it as if it wasn’t well.

The dire wolf is actually a Grave Wolf, a creature that spent too long feasting on creatures and bodies imbued with necrotic energy that it warped its physiology and started to affect its body.

For this encounter I would assume a Party of 4 level 2 or higher players and we are looking for that tipping point of “hard but not deadly” for this kobold fight club was used, I can’t not use this tool, and we have the below result.

The stat blocks are as follows. On the way there the party would encounter three wolves that try and ambush the party on the road.

Then at the graveyard we would have three more wolves and a grave wolf, if the grave wolf doesn’t feel right kr natch your theme a dire wold would be a fine replacement.

The wolves would wait until the party reach Paul before springing their attack, waiting amongst the graves and tombstones (stealth check) before dashing out to ambush when they are distracted by Paul.

Thats what we have for tonight to wrap up this weeks content. Come back this weekend to see the finishing touches on the adventure and how it ties in with what we know already.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think about the creatures and if you use the grave wolf in your own adventure. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe