A frightful encounter

Hi all and welcome to another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where tonight is FIGHT NIGHT!

A little bit excited tonight to try and bring it home with this weeks final piece for the adventure, the encounter.

So, without giving away too much let’s step into the chaotic halls of Katyas family home.

Cult of the blessed one


The setting

The Family can be in any room but I would consider the Library or the large bedroom at the opposite end of the hall. These rooms are large enough for a confrontation and gives the family an advantage in a fight. Needless to say that warping the house to its current state the family is immune to the various environmental effects that occur within the walls and when utilising their legendary abilities and lair actions I would consider the walls and floors as non-existent as they are nearly one with the house by this stage. More on that in a moment.

The tactics

The family fight as one, each knows what they need to do and how to work as a team as they have been living and working together for many years now.

Aunt used her strength to bully those who stand in her way – using her abilities to throw people around or try and push them out windows as a way to control the engagement. Her ability to target one person and gain advantage would be her releasing her pent up rage, energy and fanatical faith in the blessed one to try and tap more into the demonic energy that courses through the family. Despite being kitted out for combat she is extremely defensive and wont stray too far from Father, Mother and especially Uncle as he is the frailest of them all.

Uncle will wait until the time is right to use his legendary action, looking to alter reality to make himself appear faster where the target of the initiative switch becomes that much slower. He will use this ability to try and better position himself away from combat by swapping with someone who is coming up next rather than just the highest person in the initiative order. His ability Spark is to be used as a way of launching an offensive spell after casting a defensive one or to try and provide suppressive fire against multiple targets that are getting too close to his family – particularly Aunt.

Father is the master mind of all – standing back and using his spells (which should have a demonic feel/ description such as green-black flames and the like) to harass the enemy backline. He will heal his family first and foremost but will also stand with Aunt if the front line begins to crumble using the ability to misty step into combat just as readily to step out. His legendary ability giving him the ability to re-heal (small caveat being put here) is intended to be used on damage suffered in that turn or at least most recently – this means that if he wont keep coming back to life but it should be used to make him appear as if he is truly blessed by his dark lord and perhaps bring him back to consciousness once in the fight IF IT MAKES SENSE TO DO SO. I would also rule that if his family is down, Mother, Uncle and Aunt then his legendary ability will also no longer trigger as the lore/theory behind it is his devotion to the Blessed one and his family keeps pushing him through the pain and suffering he encounters.

Mother slipping through shadows with the families lair ability to misty step through walls/floors and her own legendary action to disengage and hide. She would focus on those who can be caught unawares and may even ambush the party when they are exploring the home – utilising the misty step like ability or trying to fear the party from shifting out of her motherly appearance into the gaunt, nightmarish near-demonic appearance that they have warped into.

The stat-blocks (mind the little typos.. only realised AFTER I had finished them all)

Thanks for joining me for another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and I wish that this encounter gives you something to think about for your own games. Now this is designed to be an very challenging encounter where the party risk at dropping down – but the low AC and low health (relatively speaking) of the family means that victory is achievable if the party have a solid plan, or, work together as a team during the fight – much like the family does.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and to set aside some time for your own tabletop this weekend and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe