To catch a Fallen Star

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

People of Daye (and beyond)

Koyko Harimasu

During the Toad-kin attack Kyoko spends her time fighting off toad-kin as they swarm the helm – attempting to keep the little humanoids(ish) from running the ship aground.

Elizabeth “Lizbet” Scaulder

When Lizbet appears on deck, her divine magic appears as if she was a fallen star. The Toad-kin cease fighting and drop to their knees in worship as the vision that walks before them is like a tale sung from campfires from their elders.


Siu is in a good mood, nervous and anxiety being this close to his home land in a very long time when he senses danger and Lizbet moves to go up on deck he races forward to protect her. To the Toad-kin he appears as an emissary of the ancient ones – dragons. His fangs, claws and shimmering gold scales cause lesser toads to jump overboard and those brave enough to hold fast dare not strike him

Choi Fang

Growing up not far from the Marshes as a boy Choi remembers the tales told by his family of the dangers of the marsh and is quick to warn the players in the same way his family warned him.

The Toad-kin

Kiri – a small toad-kin of young years who believes in the old ways. Spirited and savvy he volunteered to help guide the adventures through the swamp despite thinking their plan foolish.

Trip – a larger toad-kin of more advanced years. He is good with his spear and quite experienced at moving about the marsh safely. It’s a rare occurrence that he is taken by surprise.

Varda – a old one footed toad-kin shaman who is fond of cooking and who is rumoured to be so old that she walked amongst the fallen stars. Her name is also rumoured to be a gift from those people who taught her how to speak (elves and draconic).

‘Captain’ Jake Hart

Young but ambitious Jake happened to near the town of Jade point as they were being besieged by the Oni and him and his small returning regiment of soldiers have defended it for four days – however their numbers decrease every day and Jake has gone missing.