The Temple in the mountains

Welcome to Thursday where we look at maps, images and extras things that give our game that extra little bit of something that adds to our players experience. This week we have three maps, that reflect the party entering into the temple, the party during the night time shenanigans and the day after – assuming there is a day after.

So enjoy!

The Shuimu temple


The map is pretty self explanatory – various buildings line the outside – the round building is the damaged, un repaired building from the writeup from last night (where the first attack landed) and the large building to the left of the map is the Library. I added a shrine and a small crop plot to add some variety and tried to highlight how built into the mountain this monastery is by having a secondary layer behind the buildings (can see a bit of a squiggly line) where it would be a sudden sharp incline.

All maps have the grid mode turned on, however if you wished to download a copy without them you can do so by clicking the link below and signing into Inkarnate, editing the image and exporting. If you have a pro account you can just download from the link below!

Made with – original found here: Shuimu Temple Day1.

Night time is a simple filter over the top then some added light affects. Below the gatehouse closest to where the tall peak would be is the boulder that crashed into the wall – the chains still attached to the boulder where the golden, giant ape would’ve been tied to. The idea behind this map is a mixture between a chase and a cat-and mouse – but more on that tomorrow!

Made with – original found here: Shuimu Temple night

The shattered wall is all that remains from the apes attack. The missing boulder, likely thrown in a fit of rage by the golden ape, somewhere down the mountain below. Either the victorious emergence of the party or a more sombre appearance from the adventurers after a nightmarish night.

Made with – original found here: Shuimu Temple day2

Multiple layers of textures and recolouration was done to get the affect above and I hope that you enjoy it! More on the adventure side of things tomorrow!

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