Place of note – isle of beasts

Now tonight I want to take a pit stop at a place that could appear in any Adventure that’s above or, with some creative thinking, below the surface of the waves – the isle of beasts.

Curiosity #3 – Captains Book

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The crew have returned to the ship, I don’t blame them after what we have seen on this island and I don’t have the heart to tell them that it won’t do them any good. We set down anchor on this island to make repairs after a freak storm broke our mast and pushed us against the reef causing us to take on water.

We were about to abandon Red Tides, my ship, then we saw the peak of mountain which promised land. Limping our way to this cove the tall peaks of the island, hot dense forests and fresh water made it look like a god send so we went ashore to find supplies to mend the ship and stock up for the journey home.

Making our way into the forests we found suitable trees, saps and the like to repair the hulls breach and a suitable trunk to replace the mast. All was fine until we heard a sound like thunder, a rumbling that spoke of the old Dwarven gods Dwaine would tell us about. Investigating we came across a cave that was home to some of thr largest eggs we have ever seen, reptilian, avian or dragon we could not tell but on our hastened flight from the cave we stumbled upon a pack of apes the size of giants… They ate the first of the crew to run in terror and then the slowest of us.

Birds whos feathers could be sails for skips picked a few of us off and centipedes got a few of the crew who were preparing the mast.

By nightfall we had the mast ready to install, it cost us a few more men and women to retrieve it but we had it, but not the manpower to hoist it up. A few of us returned inland again to get supplies for the rowboats to get a the remaining crew back out to see but we were discovered by something… Else.. words cant describe it but it wasn’t no beast I have seen before. It slowly followed those who ran screaming to the ship and ignored those who hid. For now. The ship and crew will be lucky to survive the night with that thing following them. I’ve decided to take a boat in the morning, if I last that long, and any who survive and get off this island with what little supplies I have.

If you find this journal beware the isle that appears after a storm, its an unholy place and it brings death. Best bet is to drown at sea instead of coming to this place…

Whether discovered on the island or in a shop somewhere little books that hint or tell of an island that none can find but appears as if sent by the gods are commonplace in RPGs. They can drive players to seek the island, push them to leave such a place or set an ominous tone for if the party does find themselves in a storm with an isle appearing suddenly. They can be a good place for a one shot, can be mysteriously set in the underdark (see movies like journey to…) and are common enough in movies and literature that inspiration is aplenty.

Thanks for joining me tonight for a little adventure inspiration, I am busy this weekend sketching out some core rules for an RPG I want to create so time is a bit short. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the end of week write-up and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe