The Laelóng of Lanidaye.

Stat-Blocks and Maps

Part 1 – Fight by (camp)Firelight.

Glimmer Stag

The glimmer stag is an elk like creature from the Kunagi Ranges which typically has white or light grey fur, large antlers for the males and shorter sharper ones for the females and a long bushy fox like tail.

Herbivorous by nature but territorial by temperament these creatures are not any when it comes to fighting especially when feeling threatened, cornered or in the mating in season.
They attack with a goring charge and stamping hooves which bruise and lacerate their targets.


Appearing something like a serpentine, winged and scaled vulture, the Voltrix is a flying scavenger the size of a large dog with a beaked reptilian head, bat like wings ending in gripping hook like claws which they use to grip and cut into their food, cutting and ripping open skin and middle to expose softer tissues like organs and fat.

Whilst not aggressive they generally are encountered when they are feasting with their heads buried into a carcass or corpse. This brings us to their nature, they are quick to startle and have a habit to leap and scratch in their desperate attempt to escape from what ever has startled them, this can leave the person with nasty infections or worse due to the lack of hygiene that these reptilian birds display.

Part 1 – Maps

Kunagi Ranges and Lanidaye

Part 2 – The Kunagi Ranges

Part 2 – Spooked (Kunagi Ranges encounters)

Giant Boar/ Giant Goat

Although two distinct animals the giant boar and giant goat play the same role in this adventure – something that may attack if threatened, whether they believe they are or are actually in danger. I’d say a low perception check would lower the distance between the party and the creature before they are discover each other – if its within 20 feet (which, lets be reminded is only 3.5 times the height of an average person) then the Goat or Boar is spooked and will charge at the party.

Giant Goat

Dire Wolf
This one is simple – its hungry, maybe in a pack, maybe its stalking the Goat/Boar/Jackelope and it meets the party. Either it feels cornered or its just hungry but either way the party look mighty tasty to the Dire Wolf.

Horned Rabbit – the Jackelope

The Horned rabbit (Jackelope) is a strange creature. Small, non vicious but adorned with razor sharp horns that could gut a non defended man these creatures dart around skittishly without warning and their white coloured fur makes them difficult to see amongst the snow and ice.

Part 2 – The Kunagi Ranges

Part 3 – Laelóng

The Laelóng is a large bird like wyvern which in rare cases, when they grow to a old age, develop the ability to summon and control ice. The sages in the lands believe it is a boon given to them by their dragon cousins out of pity but there is some debate on the origins of their powers. Some newer scholars believe that their powers come from The Shadow who gifted the control over ice to the Laelóng as payment for fighting against the ancestral dragons of men. What ever the reason and cause of their powers they retained their vanity of their cousins, and their strength.

Generally social in nature when young their disposition changes dramatically when they reach maturity and old age. Becoming distant, antisocial and paranoid they hide away and only re-join their large flocks to mate – which is more violent than romantic.

Part 3 – Maps

Pre Avalanche map

Post Avalanche Map

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