Sleight Bests Might

Welcome to a twisty Wednesday where tonight we look at the subtle actions of an shadow. A stain of a memory that fades from sight, from memory the moment it wills it. A being who seeks to prove that Sleight bests might every time. With such creatures under its influence its amazing that The Shadow needs armies at its command at all. Or is it. Those who are masters in the art of deception are often those who will deceive their employers at any and every given chance. Enough cloak and dagger talk and on with the writeup!

Sleight Bests Might


As the creature reached into the pocket dimension located in its ribcage, one that all its kind were born it smiled. It had completed its task and the reward that was promised to it was within grasp. Passing the spy, yes it had known who it had delivered the letter too it couldn’t help but giggle. But the spy, the human boy, was none the wiser – all it saw was a blushing young lady of the court who was watching the man from the corner of her eyes.

Trickery was something that all of its kind had been born with. In fact not event the shadow could bestow the required amount of dark power to match even a fraction of its races natural abilities. Those Skin walkers and the Quaigin were nothing compared to it and not even the mighty ancestral dragons were able to detect its kind. Well not straight away at least.

The tricky part wasn’t stealing the items, no that was easy. But pulling a large enough illusion that the weapons turned to dust and convincing everyone in the area to believe the lie was a challenge. But having planted the seed of doubt, the seed of concern in the young spies mind it knew its plan would succeed. In fact casting a realistic illusion of the door and masking the actions of the human to trigger muscle memory but severing the recognition from mind to hand was another delicious challenge.

But the hardest thing was shrinking the room from the outside, expanding the centre of the room and placing illusions of the contents of the room around in front of the originals. Doing all of this the moment the human opened up the door and it was able to see the room was the key.

What the creature didn’t was the presence of pure radiance in the room. Something that it knew to avoid at all costs. Where the being of light touched or shed its rays on it was unable to warp and so the vials that were left out in the open were unable to be shielded. This didn’t vex the creature, in fact it made it more curious as to what else this city had to offer.

Moving down the hallway it turned a corner and faded into the shadows of a doorway. The cold tendrils of mist and darkness clung to its skin as it moved through a rip in the fabric between dimension and soon it was in a very different room. One where only it could access. Moving over to a pile of furs and fabrics it reached into the pocket dimension within its ribs and pulled out the swords, arrows, spears and other weapons. Each one of them glowed as if the summer sun was shedding its radiance and fury at being taken from its home. The creature wasn’t phased – it had been some time since it had seen the sun.

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