Potion of Radiance

Welcome to a Thursday writeup where we look at those little extra details that make our game that little bit more for our party. Tonight I wanted to put a bit of flavour on the potion that was revealed earlier this week as well as the weapons which were taken. The Potion of Radiance, as the name suggests, is sunlight and divine energy liquified. Where as the blades of the same name-sake are something of a rarer variety – something that is carved from divinity itself. Curious? Well read on dear reader, read on.

Potion of Radiance


Credit to original artist, Pramod

The glowing potion, a Potion of Radiance is the condensed essence of dragon fire given liquid form. This almost holy liquid surges power through the body of those who consume it giving them enhanced senses, strength and imbuing their body and weapons with radiant energy.

Once consumed for 10 minutes a creature gains advantage on saving throws, emits a bright light within 10 feet and dim light for a further 15 feet. The consumer’s weapons also count as magical for the duration and the damage is dealt as radiant instead of slashing, bludgeoning or piercing.

Blade of Radiance

Sword image created in GIMP.

The sword of radiance is a burst of sunlight. A drop of divinity and radiance hammered into a tool of war. Only those chosen by the creature that created it, or entrusted by the family of the weapon are seen as worthy to wield this power.

This weapon shines bright light, as if daylight within 15 feet and sheds dim light a further 20 feet from there. Creatures in shadow do not gain benefit of partial cover or cover and it deals an extra 2d4 radiant damage on successful attack. This weapon requires attunement and they must be chosen or appointed as custodian of the blade before the true properties are bestowed.

The legend of how these blades were formed has been lost over time. In fact only one being a live remembers how they were made because they put their blood, sweat and tears into its creation. Literally. These blades are formed from the essence of ancestral dragons and as such when wielded by the descendants of the creatures who made the first pact with such creatures their full power is revealed.

Thanks for dropping by tonight. A little while ago I promised or committed to deliver magical items for this campaign and tonight I fulfil that oath. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night and the nights following as we move to wrap-up this month and move into the September! And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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