Players Discretion Advised

Welcome to Friday Fight-night where this week is really short. Yup going to go straight to the point and call out that the entire combat and/or conflict this week is player discretion advised.

Players Discretion Advised


This week has a problem to solve. How do you catch a shadow. Whilst not like the incorporeal shadow creature this one is something that uses the shadow to move between the material plane and pocket dimensions it creates. The question is how do we catch it.

For me this week is easy. The first cool sounding, plausible solution the party comes up with we go for. No holding back and jump with two feet. The outcomes is what we will cover tonight.

What ever the solution the creature will dive towards and into the nearest patch of shadow (remember that it’s human size so its got to make sense.) And it will create a portal to its central pocket dimensions. The portal will be big enough for the party to fit through (big-medium or smaller) and it will remain open as long as a source of light is present on both sides of the portal.

Our orb of light friend may pose a solution here but more on that this weekend.

Once open we cut to next weeks adventure, fighting the creature in it’s home turf.

Thanks for dropping by this double post night. Don’t forget to come back this weekend where I look at the Sovereign Smash tournament I am playing at and maybe another less known tabletop game. Intrigued? Well you better not forget to come back this weekend to find out more, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe