Lair of the Lómipilu

Thursday brings us something a long time coming. Another Map and this time it’s the Lair of the Lómipilu and something that makes it a bit more tricky to work out. So without too much introduction let’s look at a map!

Lair of the Lómipilu


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The idea behind the Lair of the Lómipilu is simple. Each time the party members leave a room or hallway the Lómipilu will change where they were moving and where they moved from. For this purpose I have a bunch of rooms or areas that are shrouded in darkness each with a few 1″ grid width (5ft) exits/entrances. For my implementation of this I would print out the maps (or edit them in GIMP or another image manipulation software) and roll a dice per entrance/exit per room/hall.

For simplistic play

Assign the large central room with only one exit with the number 6. Each other entrance/exit roll a 6 and assign it either a 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6.

Do this for all rooms so they have no duplicate ranges. Then try and map them out so that the portal room is somehow connected to the large room. Any entrance or exit that doesn’t have a number allocated to it and a room next to it is considered to be “lost” and you end up back on the portal room.

My example is this:

For complex play

Keep the dice rolled but each time they leave a room they roll a dice (effectively a d3) and they move to a random room that has that number. This becomes an issue of chance and luck rather than skill, role playing or problem solving and so could be more troublesome and it would rely on rolling well multiple times. The caveat to this system would be that they add a +1 to the roll for each room they have visited and make the end room a 7 (so they cant roll 6 then a 6 straight away and head to the final room). This rewards exploration and doesn’t feel as much of a “Game of chance” as a “after 3 rooms you have a 50% chance to get to the boss room”.


As always creating maps in Inkarnate is fun and interesting. Trying to get the right colours for a shadow realm and making it readable is difficult so that was challenging.

The mechanics behind here isn’t to be unfair to the players but its to represent the nature of the Lómipilu and what it means to be in its lair. This isn’t a goblin or a spirit folk but a demonic creature that is a master of illusion and bends the shadows around its prey to confuse and entrap its prey before it gets tired of playing. This is meant to be challenging as its probably our second last major encounter before the finale and so I wanted to capture that.

Thanks dropping by, sorry for the late post was I had some technical issues. So that means that you get double posts today! Don’t forget to read the next post later today (featuring Liar actions) and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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