The Shadow of the Lómipilu

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Lair of the Lómipilu

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Template – Dragon Tears

  • The wielder of a Dragons Tear item can see in magical darkness up to 60ft. Furthermore they gain superior darkvision (120ft).
  • As an action you can cause the item to emit light as per the daylight spell centred in the item.
    • A 60-foot-radius Sphere of light spreads out from a point you choose within range. The Sphere is bright light and sheds dim light for an additional 60 feet.
  • If it is a melee weapon or ammunition its considered to be +1 against fiends, fey or undead. It also deals an additional 2d6 points of radiant damage against these creatures.
  • If the item is a ranged weapon it is considered to be a +1 weapon against fiends, fey or undead. It can also cast guiding bolt as a 2nd level spell slot three times a day using the users ranged weapon attack modifier. This resets on dawn of the following day.
  • If the item is a wondrous item (not a weapon) it gains advantage on wisdom and saving throws against being charmed. Additionally you can cast dancing lights at will without the need of concentration checks.


The party found themselves on the ground and the blinding light lessened as their eyes adjusted to the room. From down the hall the sounds of footsteps could be heard approaching at a quick pace. As they picked themselves up off the ground doors burst open as guards spilled into the room they were in. The guards greeted them with spears and swords drawn as they eyed the glittering and shining items on the ground. Looking down the party found scattered weapons and wondrous items that shone as if the sun was contained within.

“Wait. Hold I say.” a groaning man spoke as he picked himself up shaking from the ground. “Lower your weapons. I must talk to Lord Harimasu immediately” said Master Fukiyomo.

“That’s what the last Master Fukiyomo said too.” muttered one guard. “How do we know you are who you say you are?” another said.

“That’s because I believe him.” Spoke a commanding voice from behind the guards. Turning towards the voice and lowering their weapons the guards stepped aside as Lord Harimasu strode into the room followed closely by Takeo and Lady Kyoko. “In fact my daughter and Master Takeo have vouched for these adventurers and have informed me of the plan to rid our kingdom of this Lómipilu.” he continued.

Takeo and Kyoko smiled briefly towards the party before their eyes, much like the emperors, were drawn to the pile of artefacts on the ground. “It seems you recovered our lost treasures as well. We have much to discuss.” the Harimasu emperor said as he smiled broadly.

“Might I interject?” spoke a voice from above them all, “the situation at the wall grows Dire and my master has allowed me to break my vowel in order to let you know”. As everyone looked up Kyoko exclaimed in disbelief as a man-sized golden dragon flew down through the air as a snake would move across the ground towards the party.

“It’s been some time my friends…” Siu said as he turned around with a mixture of sadness and happiness in his eyes.

Jung Harimasu


As the blade from the freshly killed hulking goliath of a man cracked through his rib-cage Siu felt the warmth from within his body fade. As he watched Choi’s lifeblood seep out of a deep gash on his chest the doors that were barricaded behind them splintered open and the freshly dead soldiers rushed out.

“Please let Kyoko be safe” he muttered under his breath as he felt darkness close in upon himself. But that wasn’t the end. As he felt his consciousness recede he felt his body grow lighter until he was floating as if on a pillow of light. With a slow realisation he opened his eyes and looked around at the marbled walls and jade statues that were familiar as if a distant memory.

“Welcome home Jung” a deep voice rumbled, one that he would not forget so readily. Around him on several raised benches stood his ancestors with heads bowed in respect. “We have been watching you and what you have endured in your endeavours to redeem yourself.” The great dragon rumbled.

“Great Huangdi.” he began as he struggled to raise from the floor. His body weak and his coordination felt off as he realised his lithe dragon-form had disappeared and was replaced with his matted, hairy bestial form. “Before I meet my judgment I have a single request.” he asked as he managed to get his too-long legs under him. “Can you tell me of Kyoko and the adventurers? Are they safe? Did they get out?”

Huangdi smiled and lowered his head to Jung, stretching out a great claw and lifting the head of his servant. “Only because of the actions of their ancestors.” he said. Jung nodded and let out the breath he didn’t realise he was holding.

“Then with that knowledge I accept the fate that the ancestors and you deem fit for me.” he said before adding after a moment. “But I am confused why I was brought back. My actions as you said were my own and served my purpose. But why have I returned to my families halls?”.

“Because little one,” the dragon replied, “your actions may have been born from selfish need and want but along the way, in your journey to prove yourself and save your own soul you realised something. What we do in our life isn’t for our betterment but for those who follow us. You looked out for your cousins descendant. You put her life ahead of your own and even were willing to sacrifice yourself so that your Kin could continue to live.” The great golden dragon rumbled, a near-purr like sound coming from his great throat.

Jung nodded as he listened before speaking. “But its as you said. My actions..” he began before another voice cut through the crowed.

“Jung, Enough.” the voice brought upon a tremor of a murmur from those gathered in the temple. “You never learn to you.” Turning slowly Jung looked upon the stern and angular face of his cousin, much older than what he was when they were young men but wouldn’t forget his face. “You need to listen, Jung.”

After a moment Jung frowned. “you said my name… but that’s been made forbidden by Lord Huangdi. Cousin please don’t lest you face further anguish on my behalf.”

But Siu, his cousin, just smiled and looked towards the great dragon. “If your cousin can forgive you and see what you have done for your family then you should also be able to see your worth Jung” the great dragon added as he exhaled a puff of smoke that began to coil and drift around Jung. “Your punishment has been decided. Your external form will reflect what you truly are within”

As the smoke touched his brown fur it began to shrink and change. As it fell to the ground it smouldered, turning into golden powder as it fell. Fine, hard and light scales spread across his body and he felt his bestial body shifting and growing longer. Within a matter of moments his fur had disappeared completely and a layer of golden scales had appeared.

As the process finished Jung shook the sensation of vertigo from his head and looked down upon the body of an ancestral dragon. “Welcome home Jung, guardian of the Harimasu Lotus.” Huangdi said. “Welcome home Jung” echoes his ancestors that stood above him but their voices were lost as he gazed into the eyes of his cousin. “Welcome home brother. Thank you for looking after my kin.”

As Jung floated across the map in the war room the anxiety laden silence hung beneath him. It had been a few hours since the party of adventures had been thrown out of the Lómipilu lair after their hard fought victory over it. During this time the golden dragon had detailed what they had scried in the jade palace. An army of undead and spirit folk en masse at the wall led by the Yuki-onna astride a black onikage.

The reports and locations of the forces were so vast that it was impossible to pinpoint a location where she could be. But Jung had a theory.

“Yuki-Onna are vengeful and spiteful. They wont like the fact that she was bested in her own house, her domain. Once the party, and Kyoko’s, location is known she will come for them. We can use this.” He said as he placed a long razor sharp claw at the gate house in the middle of the wall.

“But Siu, sorry. Jung. How do we know that Kyoko and the party will be safe?” General Kuang asked as he looked down at the map and distribution of troops. “I can lead the elite guard at the gate but then we are just weathering the storm. The head of this particular snake itself will be somewhere behind the rank and file.”

“I may have the answer to that” Emperor Harimasu proclaimed as he walked in with several royal scholars behind him. “Those items that the adventures recovered were more than shiny trinkets. They are known as the dragons tears. A group of weapons forged from dragon scale and forged in dragons fire. They were used in the last war with the shadow.” He began as the scholars placed the weapons and corresponding scrolls and pieces of parchment on the table. “Our records state they were supremely powerful against the shadow and those who stood against light. I propose that our adventurers, Kyoko and the royal guard wield them. Be the chosen of light to push back against the shadow and its Minions.”

There was a few moments of silence before the mood changed and people started to discuss the merits of the dragons plan. “However…” The emperor said as Master Fukiyomo appeared beside him. “I have received word that the Toshio family are invading from the west. We are about to find ourselves caught between two fronts. I must direct some of the forces from the walls defence to the west.” The positive murmuring finished.

“Adventurers. I fear I have to ask for your insight. What say you. Can you hold the gate, lure out the Yuki-onna and defeat her and those who protect her?” The emperor asked as all the eyes turned towards them.

The pressure on his chest grew as slowly he began to flicker towards consciousness. As the adventurers eyes flickered open the immediate situation was revealed as they came face to face with a shadowy mass floating above their chest. A large skull with exaggerated canines and no eye sockets snarled down at the party member. Two impossibly thin arms crept forward to suddenly dart forward to grab and squeeze on either side of the adventures chest.

As the last of the air within the adventurers chest was forcibly pushed out the adventurer began to have panic set in. Crying out towards the other shapes in the room for help was met with deaf ears as slowly a dark shadowy mist crept from the creature. As the mist spread up the adventurers body the pressure on their limbs increased. With a satisfied snarl the creature released its grip from the adventurers chest as the mist took its place. Slowly the creature reached its spindly fingers up his torso as the mist began to apply pressure to the body.

As the skeletal fingers touched the face of the adventurer the jaw spread wide on the creature and with a sickening lurch it plunged towards the face of hero.


Sitting bolt upright and looking around the familiar room the adventurer was drenched in sweat. prying their own hands away from their throat they looked around the room. The creature they had seen but instead were greeted with nothing but silence. In fact the other party members who they had adventured with for quite some time now were still peacefully sleeping. There was indeed no trace of the nightmarish creature they had seen so vividly in their dreams.


Adding elements of horror and long lasting side effects to conflict are one of the tools in our belt. This shouldn’t be used for every encounter or situation but it can drive progression of plot and discovery.

Perhaps someone in their current town knows of what is going on. Maybe these Living Phantoms are not just in their mind but others have seen them before. Perhaps they have a common link or maybe not. What we can do though is weave something slightly different into the minds of the adventurers. Each person in the party will see something different at a different time or not see it at all.

I see these things very similarly to the Wizarding worlds Dementors in appearance but really – they are all figments of the mind trying to process something unpleasant. Something like a field that can make you see anything it wants with a thought. Throw in the fact that the party where you fought it in a lightless realm and saw their allies attack them and you have a good recipe here for some mental scarring.

This condition could be long term, short term or take any form you so choose but the feeling and effect should be the same. Powerlessness, imminent danger and the feeling of insecurity.