The Wrath Wraith

Hello all and welcome to another FightNight! I can’t believe its Friday already and after we surveyed the lands battlefield night tonight is stat blocks! I bring to you a template, made in the wonderful Homebrewery who have gone through a bit of a glow-up of late and as always, Kobold Plus Flight Club and Tetra-cube.

The Wrath Wraith


The Wrath Wraith is another interesting creature. On its own it isn’t that terrifying but when you implement how it fights, its tactics behind the encounter it becomes quite terrifying.

This week the Wrath Wraith is under the influence of the Shadow. Like many fiends it will barter its way out of where it lives into the material plane in order to sew chaos. This creature has been tasked with breaking the wall and by using hit and run tactics and wearing out the defenders it is slowly doing so. But, it still loves to sew chaos and by afflicting creatures it hurts with an unquenchable rage.

The affliction enables the Wrath Wraith to to see chaos on top of the wall as well as on the battlefield below when the humans decide to send their allies away. This also creates glorious chaos within the humans hearts and mind as they watch their friends and family turn into feral creatures.

A win for the Wrath Wraith.

The Affliction is more of a curse than a disease or poison. Remove curse will abolish it but also those who are strong of body can resist it as it attempts to wrestle control from their mind.

Those also afflicted by it can attempt to force the curse out of their body by will power alone. It is more difficult but one who can reign in the wrath curse is also immune to it.

Made with The Homebrewery

That’s it for tonight. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a bonus twist night and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe