The Oni’s Camp

Welcome to a twisted Wednesday where tonight we are looking at the approach of the Oni’s camp and what lies within. Tonight we are verging on a sensitive topic again which is ‘rail roading’. I’ve gone through it a few times before but tonight the outcome is the same regardless of which option forward the party takes. This is really just progressing the plot and story line rather than removing their choice as there is always a choice in the actions the party does. What changes really is the outcome of the choice or how the outcome comes to be.

The Oni’s Camp


Moving forward as the sun set Gin and those who followed behind him looked anxiously at the oni camp. “We will be there soon. Remember. If we get into trouble or the mission is at risk to fire a drift globe shaft into the air and aid will come.” Gin said to the people standing nearby.

With agreement from those gathered he began to creep across the battlefield once more, signalling to stop periodically when something moved up ahead. Soon they were in the shadows of the tents. The setting sun and the shadows of the hills, mountain and nearby forest aided in their mission by creating pockets of shadow.

As the sun hit the edge of the mountain it plunged the camp into a mixture of amber glow from the setting sun and dark shadows. A few hundred feet away war horns trumpeted signalling that the second part of the plan had begun and that it was now or never to enter the camp.

The camp

As the oni and butatō left the camp in a hurry to meet the attackers head one. Slowly Gin and his entourage crept forward towards the main tent and waited for the oni captain to leave. As the captain stormed out with its armour buckled in tight a few slave Butatō followed in its wake. Taking this moment as the one to move Gin and his companions skulked forth once again and cut a hole in the canvas tent. Once the coast was deemed clear they entered silently.

None of those present realised the mistake that had been made until it was too late. A deep unholy growl rumbled forth from the shadows of the tent which threatened to bring the entire oni warband to the captains tent. A neat table lay in the centre of the room and contained a map, documents and scrolls. For their brutal use of weapons and mastery of war and savagery the oni were also expert tacticians.

As they stared at the multi limbed creature that confidently strode forth Gin prepared his drift globe shaft in a hand crossbow and prepared to state the words that would activate the arcane device. Looking between his compatriots and the creature he hoped that he didn’t need to call for aid and that they would be able to deal with this threat quickly and quietly.

A stealth mission! My favourite kind! Stealth missions are rarely done and are normally fraught with characters with Leeroy Jenkins like attitudes. This makes for difficult encounters and hard to survive combats if they are designed to be hard to win if stealth is not chosen. This encounter is easy to win, however a wrong move may jeopardise the map and orders which will fail the mission. So the party will have to think quickly and tactically if they are to survive. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to find out the lay of the camp and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe