Oni’s Camp layout

Welcome to bonus content Thursday where tonight we are producing the map for this weeks encounter and mission. Tonight I present to you the Oni’s camp layout and the remnants of the snow brought by the Yuki-onna.

Oni’s Camp Layout


Tonight the map covers a large oni captains tent at the centre of the map with several fires around the camp. The camp is big enough to hold several dozen Oni, their slaves and only Tyr knows what else.

The idea behind this is that the camp is on a general slope upwards where a few tents; a place for eating, a small arms tent and the captains tent being set up on the flat areas of the sloped hill. The idea is to create an environment when charging downhill is normal terrain but charging uphill is difficult terrain and thus slower to move upwards.

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Wow… Layering didn’t want to work tonight and I had to spend a stupid amount of time trying to get the background layers to blend to work together. Several passes and tries at the pathways, the areas that the grass pokes through the snow was enough to make me want to call it early tonight. But adding on the muddy trodden areas and the areas for snow, dirt and rock resulted in something I would probably fix up later when I had more patience for the process.

But tonight’s map is definitely useable and my favourite part of this map is definitely the camp fires and the floating ember effects I managed to work through tonight. Inkarnate definitely has quite a few options for adding more to the end product and producing something that can wow players let alone the DM.

That’s it for tonight. As always don’t forget to come back tomorrow to investigate what the creature was in the captains tent and uncover what I have planned for combat this week. And lastly, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe