A path that light fears to tread

Welcome to a Friday Fightnight where we have a look at some reoccurring stat blocks, a new one and the option our party have to take. The decision is either a frontal assault or taking a path that light fears to tread itself, the hidden way through the darkness of the mountain. This weeks encounter section of the Friday Fightnight may be disappointing. I would say that this due to the fact that we have a larger monthly content next week so this week may be light but this week is simply not as exciting as whats in store

A path that light fears to tread


Frontal Assault

Oni, Bakegamoto, Butatō, Oni Sentinels and bound river trolls guard the front entrance. The Butato provide ranged support from the walls and pepper the ground with arrows whilst Oni defend the gate, wall and operate the defence. The Bakegamoto act as shock troops and charge in to disrupt the party.

The trolls are interesting, they are chained a little way from the wall in a small trench. When those foolish or unaware walk near them the trolls attack with a ferocious hunger but they are chained to the trench. These chains however can be released by mechanisms that the Oni control (but the trolls attack Oni and humans alike).

The Oni sentinels are the best marksmen of the Oni. They are positioned in watch towers and are crack shots with a heavy crossbow. However there are not many of them. As the mountain fell many of those on watch were lost as the towers were crushed by the rock.

Oni, Butatō and Bakegamoto

Oni Sentinel, Bound river Troll

Both created in tetra-cube


The hidden passage

The hidden passage is along the wall towards the north of the entrance. This requires the party to cross a trench, dodge crossbow shots before entering into it. Having or memorising the notes from the Oni camp will enable them to find the entrance with no issue. Once in there is nothing within the passage way itself apart from some Giant rats and perhaps a starved Oni or Butatō

I hope the new creatures are enough to tide our party over this week. There is a lot more planned for next week so don’t forget to come back for that and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe