Rainy one shot ideas

Welcome to Saturday night where I bring to you rainy one shot ideas. Now the forecast here in Victoria tomorrow is rain so I thought what else could be better than D&D one shots.

Tonight I will cover a few one shot ideas, the hook, the plot and perhaps some thoughts on the encounter to drive the creation of a one shot. The twist is that, like the title says, they are all having to do with rain.

Rainy one shot ideas – 1

Local farmer has been complaining to the local church about the lack of rain. This farmer has gone as far as to even denounce the church and preach that they are fake worshippers. However the following night the town is struck by a mighty rain storm where the farmers (who complained) property seems to be the worst hit. Crops are flooded, stock is lost and even their house is destroyed.

The farmer starts to preach to the towns folk about the church deliberately destroying his livelihood and there are growing fears that some of them will believe him.

The general idea I had with this one will be a diplomacy mission to prevent a civil uprising between the farming community and the relatively peaceful church. The cause could be a few things but I am fond of “built their farm on cursed land” but that requires a question to be answered. Why is the land cursed? Let’s work with that notion for now. The farmer had this land handed down from his parents and they their parents. At some stage they killed the original owners of the land and stole it from them. They buried the bodies at the bottom of a hill where eventually a watering hole was built.

The resentment to the church and turmoil that the family was creating stirred up the restless spirits of those murdered and as they were buried under water that is the shape of the vengeance they chose.

Rainy one shot ideas – 2

A town sits in a valley along a river that is fed by a high waterfall a few miles north. The area has been experiencing rain for a week straight but the river has run dry and the only water they have is from the rain. The issue is the hydro powered mill that feeds the towns smith (they are famed for their steel) and their bread production. Until recently everything was fine but a new influx of dwarven steel from up north has created some desperate times for the town and with their mills now shutting down townsfolk are worried that this is the end for their town.

The party are asked to investigate what happened to the water.

Another simple one with an easy plot. The dwarves have also made use of the river system further up river with one exception. It’s humans creating fake dwarvern steel and arms. Any dwarf worth their beard would be able to see the inferior craftsmanship. The river was blocked to channel it into a large dam that they use for their industry. However with all this rain the dam is full to bursting and they are quickly trying to find a way to prevent the dam from falling.

The tricky part of this is that there isn’t an easy way up to the village. It requires some mountain climbing along rain drenched stones. I believe that the rain is a perfect addition to increase the difficulty of the adventure, second to snow and thick fog.

Rainy one shot ideas – 3

On the way back from their latest adventure, carrying loot and exhausted the party become aware that they are being hunted. A group of bandits who out number and overpower the party easily have given up chase on the party. They have a few options. Try and outrun them, ambush them or ditch the loot and retreat to the nearest village a days ride away if they are unburdened.

Constant rain makes for difficult travel with a laden cart. Slowing progress down to a crawl, getting bogged nearly impossible to hide your passage rain gives it all. This one shot has some interesting bits in it too where the bandits are lycanthropes. Were rats tend to be the typical bandit and they add a touch of danger to combat which may dissuade them. Also being particularly malicious creatures they may not be put off the hunt from the loot being abandoned.

I would have disadvantage on Dexterity checks, stealth checks and athletic checks due to fatigue and cold rain which will make getting away and fighting difficult. After all it would be too easy if they could just outrun the lycanthropy infected bandits.

That’s it for tonight. Thanks for joining me as I went through three different ideas with the rain theme. Tomorrow we have the end of the week writeup which leads into the last full week of November. I want to thank you for joining me daily and look forward to our journey together in the future. Don’t forget to stay dry and safe and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe