Shadows maze

Welcome to another Monday, plot and hook night where this week revolves around the confrontation between the party and their hunt for the dark master through the Shadows maze like citadel.


Shadows Maze


The party scurried forth towards the heart of the citadel. Or at least that’s what they had thought atleast. The citadel was a tangled mess of halls and tunnels. The halls were obviously well crafted at some point but tunnels were dug between halls.

The halls were largely barren and empty as were the tunnels. Occasionally they would witness a screaming wounded oni being dragged down a hall before disappearing into a tunnel.. But otherwise the minions of the Shadow were frantic. Their movements, organisation and coordination were disorganised and hasty as if anxious or fearful. They did have an army at their front doorstep and their master was weak or so the vision had indicated so.

The party were running out of time but they were getting nowhere fast. They would have to find a way to the dark master soon before it was too late.

The very human cries and screams brought them to their present moment and without a moment to lose they took off down a well used hall. Eventually they began to notice a pattern for the tunnels as some lead to new rooms, hallways, dead ends of refuse pits. As they were approaching what smelt like a refuse pit they heard the muffled screams again in the tunnel. Venturing forth they found a well concealed secondary tunnel, unlike the others to date, perhaps, which lead to a large chamber with cages and cells built into the wall. A large ogre stood in the middle of the room brandishing a whip as it lashed out at humans pleading for mercy.

The ogre stopped flaying a middle aged man and looked up towards the party. The look of shock was quickly replaced by a stupid grin and malicious twinkle in its eye. The Shadow would have to wait.


A creature as strong and ancient like Shadow would surely have an defensible position within the mountain. Oni, in this campaign, are very similar to a familiar goblinoid; the hobgoblin.

Like these foreign creatures the Oni of Ryokughan live in tunnels and have a warren of them to live in. It’s part defensive tactic, part disorganisation and effective for gaining an advantage against their opponents.

A short one this week as there is more to come in the coming days. So don’t forget to come back each day this week to see how the campaign ends. Tomorrow we look at the NPCs for this week which sets us up for secondary hook and the map for the adventure. Don’t forget that we’ve made it through 11 months of this campaign and and feedback is great, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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