Servants doubt

Welcome to Tuesday night where we look at NPCs for the party to interact with. This week we have a npc experiencing what I would call servants doubt as they witness the end drawing near.

Servants doubt


The diminutive creature watches as the party squared off against the ogre and a silent smile crossed its face. This could be it, the moment its freedom was bought.

Since it had watched its friends, comrades and children fight for the Shadow and fall for it. Since it has watched the same once revered master feast on their broken bodies and imbue itself with their dying life force. Enough was enough.

As the ogre strode forwards towards the party the shrieks from those still in cages got louder. Some wailed for saving, some cheered for the party but others cheered for blood. The ogre roared in approval at the terror and lust for blood as it brought its whip and cracked it over the head of the party as it waited for the first move.


This week in servants doubt we meet an old Butatō who has finally found a way out. This small creature will do just about anything to be spared and will likely ramble in Broken common about what it knows, and the way to the ritual chamber as its one of its primary duties. As the citadel is meant to be a confusing rabbit warren having a way out and direct path, maybe, to the shadow is maybe something that the party would capitalise on.

A glimpse of the bigger picture for this weeks session. As we finalise the adventure and as it looks more and more promising that the Shadow will fall. So don’t forget to come back this week as we investigate whats coming. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe