Power Starved

Welcome to twist filled Wednesday where this week we look deeper into the labyrinth like tunnels, halls an rooms of The Shadows Throne to find a power starved shell of a creature. Well, power starved for now. As the time runes out for the creature to regain its former strength the demand on its servants and slaves grows in proportion to its desperation. In fact so desperate in the quest for power that its willing to commit everything to a single act. A full reaping.

Power Starved


As the bodies piled up around the alter the power started to seep into the dark waters and flow into the cold slab of stone. Sitting atop the stone the Shadows Avatar sat in silence, power starved. A fragment of what its former self used to be and far from it needed to be and time was running out. In fact from the increase in wounded and dying Oni, Trolls, Butatō and captured slaves suggested that the light bringer, those chosen by the dragon were here.

The creature watched as the power gradually ebbed and flowed like waves as the ritual channelled the power within the dead and dying into its form. As the casualties piled up a gnawing concern rose in the creature. If these mortals were able to do this to its servants and chosen minions then is it enough? Was this meagre power that was being drawn from these husks enough?

There was a single option, a fail safe, that was available to the creature now. Modifying the ritual slightly small channels opened up in the ritual pool. Slowly the tainted waters began to spread and weave their way through the citadel, causing water to drip down upon all. If all went well then the creature wouldn’t have to resort to it, but the thought of doing it anyway did cross its mind.

A sudden pang shot through the creature, one of its shadow-touched had just been killed. As the shadow-stuff that empowered the creature disappeared the power that was lent also did. No, no, no. There was not enough bodies here, not enough energy to rebuild its form and its strength.

The ritual, there was only one option left to it and it had best be started now. As the shadow magic pushed outwards and touched everything who had been touched by the tainted water pockets of light were also felt. These cursed weapons and trinkets! They protected the mortals from its ritual. Regardless once the ritual was complete it would have enough power to squash these humans. It was just a matter of time now, a race. Them to race to its chamber in time or it to complete the ritual first. The winner would surely claim victory.


Tonight we look at the Shadows Avatar as it realises how power starved it had become. With the fall of one of its chosen, perhaps a certain strong ogre, the creatures power is further reduced. In fact it means that from a role play side of things the creature has one ploy left (perhaps the plan all along) and enacts its final ritual. To consume all the souls of those within the Citadel to bolster its own power.

Thanks for visiting tonight and reading through this Wednesdays update. Tonight was back to what I would believe would be my smallest ‘ideal’ writeup that I like and it feels good. Unfortunately I had a few nights I found myself short on time and energy and I was unable to put what this adventure deserves. But, tonight I hope to start bringing it back. Tomorrow night I have a go at working out this twisted hallways. This will be quite a large map so I will see how I can work it out. Thanks for sticking with me for another week but don’t forget to come back these last few days and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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